Z reads the newspaper

Life dealt me a young fallow deer, hit by a car and killed instantly.  So it was dealt with and I don’t think I need to go into details.  It’s been interesting….

On a totally different tack, Tim and I both take a daily newspaper and I also have the apps for both of them on my phone.  We read out bits to each other, but rarely read the other’s actual newspaper – but this morning, Tim read me out a piece about Spotify (as it happens) and I wanted to follow up on it.  I have been totally unable to find it on the app.  There is no search function; I’ve looked in the main paper, the comment section, the arts section, the music section and at least one other – I’ve lost track – and I simply can’t find it.  Which is my problem with online newspapers – the experience is not as good as reading the newspaper.  I’d like it laid out as the newspaper is, page by page, with the ability to click on each article to read it fully.  That’s a bit more achievable on a tablet app, but it certainly isn’t on a phone.  So I’m not changing, any time soon, away from my daily paper, even though domestic news is so indicative of  lamentable incompetence by pretty well everyone that I can’t do more than skim through it.

Venison fillet for dinner was very good.

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