Z rambles on for a while

The monthly cleaners came today, which at least made me eliminate my chairdrobe, still containing the sari I wore over a week ago – though I have been away for several days since then, I appreciate it’s no excuse.  Anyway, the beds are now all changed and ready for the family influx at Christmas.

Rather dismayingly, I received two cards today.  One was from the cleaners, or rather the owner of the company, the other was from an old friend (in both senses) from America, who is a cousin of Russell’s.  I put it down and now can’t find it, but I’ll track it down tomorrow.  I wish I had found the address book, Russell rarely put it in the right place and I haven’t seen it for months.  I know I’ll get cards addressed to the two of us and if I can’t find it, it’ll be quite a problem.

Bex and family have moved back into their own house, where they’ve had their extension built, so it won’t be too much longer before they will take Ben – their fence hasn’t been put back yet. I’m spoiling him in the meantime, taking myself to be a grandmother figure now, who can be more indulgent – though he’s very easy going and doesn’t make a fuss if you say no.  I suspect he’s more relaxed because I am, it’s not surprising if we were all tense and anxious during the summer.

I played the organ for this evening’s Christingle service in church – Andy (Ben’s erstwhile owner and my co-organist) is unable to play for the foreseeable future because he’s in hospital and rather ill.  So many friends are ill or have had bad news this year, I’m so sorry about all the problems they face.

Weeza is coming over tomorrow morning to help me with paperwork – that is, she will encourage me and force me to get on with it.  We will also plan the Christmas meal – beef is a given, as turkey isn’t a favourite, but we ring the changes with the first course.  This year, we are thinking that we will start early with tapas, then have a break while the Yorkshire puddings and vegetables are cooking, then start again an hour later with the main course.  We think the preparation will be fun.

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