Z quashes her tendency to be Raucous

The catalogue has gone to be printed and I’ve taken the photos for the website. I still have to go through them all before passing them on to Ro, and then there are hundreds of envelopes to fill, but it’s looking good. There’s no hurry as we don’t want to post the catalogues until the end of the month.

I went out to dinner tonight. A group of us meet once a month – I’m the youngest by at least ten years, most of us have been friends for ages, although a few extra join the group every so often. Others leave, for one reason or another. The organiser of the happy occasions is a retired headmistress of a smart school for clever and awfully pukka girls in Surrey. Sand1 T0ksv1g is a former pupil of hers. M. will celebrate her 90th birthday in January, but has lost none of her powers. At present she is on holiday so a couple of us were entrusted with Jobs. Mine was accosting each lady and writing down her menu choices.

Apparently, M had some qualms about leaving us to ourselves. She hoped that we would amuse ourselves but that the laughter should not become raucous. She doesn’t quite like raucous laughter at the dinner table. “I expect it was me, last month,” I admitted. “I can become quite loud.” “Ooh, so can I” chipped in Rita. “That’s true”, I said. “You have led me astray.”

We were quite well behaved and no one danced on the table at all. But I did eat my whole plateful of chocolate cheesecake with praline ice-cream, as it was awfully good, and it was something of a mistake. Three hours later, I still feel very full.

Norwich again tomorrow. This is twice in one week, which is quite cosmopolitan and exciting for me.

10 comments on “Z quashes her tendency to be Raucous

  1. mike

    Now, don’t be getting dazzled by the metropolitan glamour! We went there once, in the family boat, in the summer of 1977. I bought Jonathan Richman’s “Roadrunner” single in the local record store. Still got it. My souvenir of lovely Norwich!

  2. Dave

    Breathing the rarefied air of Norwich twice in one month is more of the high life than I can normally cope with.

    Fortunately I haven’t been there for six weeks, so I shouldn’t be too giddy this afternoon.

  3. Z

    Hello, Orangeblossoms, welcome. Dave, may I introduce you to Orangeblossoms? I thought of you when I read her latest post last night.

    M forgives me. She is strict, but kind.

    Mike, I shall tread in your childish footprints with respect.

    Dave, I’ll try not to sit there, silent and overawed and I trust you will put me at my ease.

  4. Z

    Pat, I’m afraid it was, a whole big slice. I smiled at all the pretty young women in Norwich, I might have worried them a bit…

    Angelina, I can’t remember if you’ve commented here before, as I know you already through your blog. But you are always welcome of course.

    Whoops. But it was tasty, wasn’t it? 😉

    And no washing up, Boy. That adds to the pleasure.


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