Z pwns the Razor-blade

It’s not so much dissatisfaction with Blogger, which has served me pretty well for the last seven and a half years, but – oh go on, let’s face it, it’s overweening ambition.  I wanted a .co.uk of my own.  And I didn’t want to be dictated to any more, particularly in respect of comments.  I think of you at all times, darlings – as I said a week or two ago, making people jump through unnecessary hoops to leave comments or being inundated with spam (and, of course, if you’ve subscribed to comments you’ll get them too, even if they’re not published) is a nuisance and Blogger doesn’t seem interested in solving the problem.  But there, it’s a free service and I wonder how long Google will carry on supporting those of us who don’t put advertisements on their blog anyway.

Ro is kindly setting this up for me and we’re transferring all posts but we’re not entirely sure yet what will happen about photos and comments.  I’ll leave the old blog in place anyway and I’ve downloaded it too because I hold it in very warm affection and would hate to lose it.  Besides, it serves as my memory nowadays, I can check when things happened here at the Zeddary.

Expect a few cock-ups on the posting front while I’m getting used to it though.  The first thing I’ve learnt is that pressing ‘return’ to start a new paragraph automatically gives a double space. So I don’t have to do it twice.

We’re using WordPress, by the way, but Ro assures me that all utterances of ‘Howdy’ have been expunged.

18 comments on “Z pwns the Razor-blade

    1. Z Post author

      Should be a one-off, John, now you’ve registered. Sorry – but bear in mind you’ve had months of Blogger sending your comments to my spam folder and they not appearing until I found them there. I was never able to do a thing about it and it was one of the things that made me change over.

  1. Z Post author

    Welcome, Tim and Sir Bruin.
    This is much better than Blogger on the phone. More attractive and easier to use.

  2. Tal

    I have lurked anonymously on your blog for quite some time. Now I have “stood up” and you can count me!

    Keep posting your highly entertaining missives and I may even comment from time to time………

  3. wendz

    Wowzers, that was a scary password! I hope my keychain never loses it.

    Anyway – how cool to have your own domain, eh – and be doing something with it. I’ve got my own domain too – not just the sewing related one but one in my own name – but it’s just parked quietly doing nothing. You are tres inspiring – must pull finger and do something with mine.

  4. Z Post author

    Well, it’ll just be the same old drivel I’m sure, but it keeps me happy. Looking forward to your next venture!

    1. wendz

      What’s nice is the comment notification … very nifty feature.

      Your writings are not drivel. They are far more interesting than most of the other real drivel that fills up blogs.


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