Z puts her feet up before they slip from under her

We’ve been decorating the church this morning. I walked home with a barrowful of clippings from the greenery that decorates the windowsills. Well, I walked home but I gave up on the barrow at the further end of the drive. The road was so slippery that I was tired with the effort of keeping upright at the same time as lifting the barrow handles. So I reckoned someone else could do the last bit.

In fact, though I had some shopping to do, I’ve decided I’m not going out again while it’s icy. The Sage has brought home veggies and most other things can wait – it’s rare for freezing temperatures to last more than a few days and I reckon that there’s plenty of time. So, having had the usual disturbed night, I’m going to put my feet up for a bit. Nothing to do? There’s loads to do. Don’t care. It will still be there when I’ve read the papers and maybe had a little nap.

7 comments on “Z puts her feet up before they slip from under her

  1. Z

    It’s all right where it’s snowy, it’s where it’s melted a bit and frozen again. I hope it hasn’t tired you out too much, Dave.

    I went to sleep. Still tired though. And cold.

  2. Four Dinners

    Knackered myself. I suppose it might have some’at to do with partying until 6am and then getting up to run Caz about at 9am……maybe?

    Great for skidding around corners is this ice!!!!! Makes you feel like you’re in an old Starsky and Hutch episode!!!

  3. martina

    We had a week of freezing temperatures earlier this month. No fun doing errands on foot or by car when there is ice on the roads/sidewalks. Hope everyone is stocked up on hot chocolate, wine and other food necessities!

  4. Z

    I think you’ve pinned down the reason, 4D. Most of us country types are too knackered to party to 6am any more. We leave that to the Young Farmers.

    I feel more like One Foot In The Grave. Only cheerfully so.

    Not fit weather for cycling, certainly. I’ve not done any Christmas food shopping yet, but I have stocked up on plenty of wine.

  5. Marion

    Heavy, wet snow last night caused a tree to fall across our fence. Too big for us to be able to chainsaw so will have to hire it done. Spent the day on icy roads to the home supply center to get lattice panels to patch the fence to keep our 3 dogs inside. A hot soaky tub for me, but a cold Margarita!!


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