Z prises open the cage door

Finally, I formally tendered my resignation as churchwarden, which means that a new one will be elected by the congregation in April, appointed by the PCC at the AGM and licensed by the Bishop in May. I’m feeling freer already. Still a couple of meetings to go, but then I’m leaving the PCC altogether, after quite a number of years – I can’t remember how many, somewhere between 15 and 20. Too soon to plan an exit strategy from the governors, but another 5 years or so and I might be free.

I’m not complaining – these are all voluntary jobs and if I didn’t want to do them, I should never have got involved. They do suck you in, rather. I have pondered over the reasons for me choosing to be a volunteer rather than apply for a paid job – for one thing, I think, I have to take some control over my time as I’m sometimes quite busy and it would be really awkward to need to be somewhere for fixed hours. For another, I have to acknowledge that I’d not find it too easy to work for someone I didn’t like and respect and have no choice in the matter – if I don’t like it, I know I can walk. I never have – and I must say, I’ve put up with things that I wouldn’t have tolerated as an employee – but the element of choice plus obligation seems to bring out the tenacious side of me. In addition, I know I am lucky and I suppose I feel the need to give back. We chose a way of life we like over a bigger income many years ago and we’re extremely fortunate that the work we do is one that we enjoy so much.

And finally, I’m a fidget. I need to have fingers in a lot of pies as I’d get bored with just one. Sad to say, if the choice is between doing very well at one thing or getting by at several, I’d go for the latter. I’m a perfectionist at wallpapering, but at very little else.

Come to think of it, it’s nearly 12 years since I last did any wallpapering.

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  1. Four Dinners

    Carol is on The Deanory Synod and The Parochila Church Council.

    She was a deputy Warden with her mum as one of two Wardens.

    Now the other one has left after being caught shagging a member of the choir.

    I really should have gone to church you know…;-)

    In the next week or so she’ll be a Church Warden on top of the rest.

    Mad as a hatter.

    Still, she married me so no real surprise…;-)


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