Z prepares for her Birthday!!(!)

A single day isn’t enough for those in our family. Dilly, Phil and I had a joint jollity today, with a cheery salutation to Pugsley too, who will be 1 at the end of this month. We had cake, I had presents, and there was even Pass the Parcel, for we have regained childish ways in the past few years.

I was also childish enough to require a brief nap afterwards…

The past year has been excellent and I’ve been particularly happy. I’ve regained the confidence to make plans for the future which, 18 months ago, I didn’t expect to want to do again. At that time I felt safer to live in the present and refused to look ahead and felt quite comfortable with that, but now I realise that it wasn’t as healthy an attitude as I thought it was.

54 sounds quite old -I prefer the odd numbers. But I console myself that the older I become, the more my antique-loving husband appreciates me.

20 comments on “Z prepares for her Birthday!!(!)

  1. Z

    Mike, you should really not encourage me. You receive enough of the minutiae of my life already.

    Only belated to Dilly and Phil, you’re bang on the nose with me – 19 minutes into the happy morn.

  2. PI

    Happy belated Birthday! 54 is positively juvenile. Best wishes for a happy healthy year for you and yours. It does get better – I remember lots of turmoil in my fifties. Maybe it is that one gets better able to cope and to switch the angst off.

  3. Z

    Thank you all, lovely friends. We had a joint family party for the three of us whose birthdays are in the same week yesterday, but my own birthday is today, the 10th.

    Dave, I have a feeling that we are both odd numbers at heart.

    And Stictchwort, it was hope I’d lost. I had decided that pessimism was the only safe way not to be disappointed. I like being impulsive and not making rigid plans.

    Pat, I want to be just like you! But that is rather too much, even for me to hope for. My difficult decade was my forties, but that was because my mum was ill and unhappy.

    Martin, I’ll drink to that…

    Luckyz, there were a lot of good people born in 1953. I’m glad to trail in their wake.

    Steg, I haven’t written to you for ages, but you’re on my mind – and I play your music!

    Dharmabum, yes Virgo – the boring sensible one, tidy, always prepared and level-headed. How on earth didn’t you guess that? 😉

    Jen, *hug*. Love you, honey.

  4. The Boy

    Oh! Happy Birthday dear! May the next be better than the last, and the future the best time of your life.

    Ah, losing hope is a hard thing. I am so very glad you refound it. Plus 54 is likely barely half way these days, there is so much more.

  5. Blue Witch

    Happy Belated (sorry, didn’t have a chance to visit yesterday)!

    That’s 2 bloggers on my blogroll who share a birthday – proves once again that fascinating thingy of how few people you need to get together to find a match.


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