Z practises loin-girding

It was one of those nights when I didn’t sleep. An hour, only, and then I lay awake for ages, and eventually got up and did this’n’that for a few hours and crept back into bed at six o’clock – I may have been quiet, but that isn’t to say I didn’t disturb the Sage, because I was very cold and he sweetly wrapped himself about me to warm me up – I turned over like a sausage every so often so that he could warm the next bit, but then neither of us slept because we were rather enjoying it – anyway, we finally slept for a while and then had to hurry to catch up with the morning.

Tonight, I went to talk about arrangements for the shop for next week with Al, because he and family are going to be on holiday and I get to feed my megalomania by being In Charge!!(!). I haven’t heard a weather forecast yet – last year, it blew a gale all week and I was particularly stiff and achy … when I knelt down to fill the potato and onion boxes, I had to crawl to the counter to haul myself up again, because my joints weren’t working too well. I’m better than that now, but I hope the weather is dry and not too windy, because the outside display goes up come what may and it’s an hour of hard work at the best.

The Sage has just read in the local paper notice of an auction in a couple of weeks time. Unfortunately, it appears that Al’s strawberry supplier is selling up. This could be something of a blow unless we can find another grower of equal quality locally. There is one, in Yagnub, but he only has strawberries for a few weeks, whereas the other one grows different varieties to crop all summer long. We aren’t going to tell Al before he goes away – the Sage will ferret around and see if the problem can be resolved before Al gets home again.

13 comments on “Z practises loin-girding

  1. Only me

    Next time, eh? Perhaps at burger castle? Or hapiz burg? Maybe even AKLE. Bloody hell we have some stupid place names.

    I felt sure you knew I was from your neck of the woods? One of my best mates lives in Saint Peters Burger. That’s isolated when it snows. But no one notices cos it’s the same when it doesn’t….

    PS. Yagnub bored me so much after an hour I went to the weatherspoons pub. I hate that chain but it was better than walking around in open air.

  2. Z

    True, there’s not a lot to do in Yagnub. There are a couple of decent pubs though, no need to inflict weatherspoons on yourself.

    And there’s a mighty fine greengrocers by the buttercross.

  3. martin

    May I be so bold as to suggest thermal long johns like they wear when climbing Everest. They will work wonders when you are out front stacking veg……

  4. Z

    But Martin, will my vanity allow?

    If the weather gets too much for me, Wightmans the haberdashery round the corner, will fit me out.


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