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A few odd things have happened that have kept me quiet for a few days while I’ve thought about them. One is the potential sale of some land, through which I have a right of way. Upon checking, I’ve been told that the owner has no documentation about it – he doesn’t say that he doesn’t know about it, but I’m surprised it’s not on his deeds because it is on mine. A solicitor’s letter has been sent. I think it’s short-sighted of him to try to pass it off, as any buyer would have a case against him, surely.

The second is the information that I have, apparently, been defrauded of some money by a professional who was, until a couple of years ago, entrusted with regular work. I knew about the situation but had thought Russell and I were used to defraud his employers, allegedly (it hasn’t come to court yet). I can’t actually work out how I’ve lost the money rather than the employers, though I know that a fraud was done but, no doubt, the allegations will be explained to me in due course. You can see that it’s upsetting – not the money so much as the theft by someone who was a friend, albeit in a professional capacity. I gave a statement to the police last year and hope I won’t be called as a witness.

There are various other things that I won’t bore you with, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed in recent weeks. None of it is personal, family or friend related, that’s all fine and lovely. But my ability to handle extra worry has diminished a lot over the years. I had a straightforward email to send that involved an hour’s work and some coherent explanation, and I put it off for nearly a month while I panicked every time I sat at the computer to deal with it. Yet I knew that I was the only one suffering, personally and financially, by my delay, and that I’d feel better once I’d done it. I finally did, since when I’ve been able to acknowledge all this, other than to myself.

How I cope with things is by thinking them through, analysing and rationalising them and forcing them into perspective, but one can’t lessen their impact at times. But I’m dealing with most things at present. And it’s spring and the chickens have started laying again, and Tim and I have fun together. So there are always blessings.

2 comments on “Z ponders

  1. savannah49

    Our problems/issues are different right now, but I totally understand how you deal with problems. I wish you well and easier sailing from now on, sweetpea! xoxo

    1. Z Post author

      It was meant to be simpler by now, wasn’t it? It jolly well isn’t. Thank you, honey, the same to you xoxox


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