Z plans her day

The Sage will be out all afternoon. First he had to go to a funeral (having been asked to speak at it, an obligation was involved) and then, with Weeza and z, he will go this afternoon to visit his sister, whose birthday it is. I cycled into town, and very windy it is. On the way home, with the west wind in my face, I pedalled hard to little effect – at one point I was going at 5.5 mph. If I could run, I could run faster.

So now, the most pressing question is what to have for lunch. I’ve started with two figs – we’ve had a few from our own tree, but Al had some lovely local ones at the shop – someone with a large tree sells them to him every year. I forgot to have breakfast so I’m really quite hungry. Al had lots of lovely fruit – Worcester Pearmains (those are apples), Victoria plums, greengages, Kent cobnuts, as well as the figs, and I’m quite drawn to gorging on those, but on the other hand I could cook something with lots of garlic and chilli, more than the Sage quite enjoys. Or I could remove a bantam from a nest and take a couple of new-laid eggs (the Sage shut up the early layer last night so I wasn’t woken at 6 o’clock. Or there’s always risotto, which comforts and cheers even when I wasn’t in need of consolation to begin with. I will stand in the kitchen and see where I’m drawn.

After that, I’ll do the labelling of photos for the catalogue; or rather for the website catalogue. I’ll double check everything against the description; it’ll take a couple of hours I suppose. Then, having been to the library this morning, I might just settle down with a book and a dog and read and cuddle for the rest of the afternoon.

8 comments on “Z plans her day

  1. Z

    I went with toast and Marmite, fruit and nuts.

    I know you’ll notice, Dave – I’m doing it to see if you’ll remark on it rather than the post itself. And you did. Again.

  2. Z

    Mind you, you don’t seem to have noticed the redundant ‘he’ which I’ve just taken out. Or maybe (well, probably) you were just being polite (so I’ve reciprocated by closing the brackets this time).

  3. Z

    I’m shamefully greedy and have to make enough for several helpings.

    I read, cuddled and caught up with a couple more episodes of The Wire – bliss.


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