Z plans frivolity

We had a jolly family party on Sunday and it’s been a lovely visit from Wink.  She’s off home again in the morning and we’re planning to meet in London and so on, and for us to visit her – and, now she’s more retired than not, she can come here whenever she has the whim to do so.

I keep trying to develop my frivolous side.  I’m not terribly good at it.  Everyday levity can be managed, but genuinely letting go isn’t so easy to manage.  I don’t, of course, mean in the dancing-on-the-table sense, but in the sense of thinking, not what I should do but what I’d like to do.  The one thing we’ve stuck to, for the most part, is having lunch out every week.

So that’s what I’ll aim for this summer.  Days out, just for fun.

In the meantime, today it’s mostly been rodding out drains.  Oh yes, Z knows how to party 🙁

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