Z perks up

A brilliant day today, very successful.  I’ve bought Squiffany’s birthday present for tomorrow, two dresses for me for India, spent the best part of three hours having lunch and chatting with Roses (we’d left it far too long since we saw each other, we won’t make that mistake again) and then went to the dentist and now have a shiny new crown on a bottom left molar.  And I felt quite calm and relaxed after all that and sorted out NADFAS paperwork that, to my startlement, nearly drove me to panic the other day – really, I was in such a state that I couldn’t even start and my heart was still a-flutter half an hour later.  Muttering JFDI, as Weeza puts it, I just did and now it’s done.  Well, the easier half at any rate.  The bit that’ll make me swear is still to do, but that’ll be all right.

The other good thing that happened this morning was that I actually cancelled a meeting.  Yes, darlings, I really did.  I reckoned that there was nothing so vital as to need to take up our valuable time, so I emailed round and got very cheerful replies from people who were happy to be granted an extra hour of free time. I’m spending mine having coffee with one of the others on the committee.  Excellent use of it, don’t you think?

In the next couple of days, I’ve got to finish sorting out my holiday insurance (I know, I know, I’ve got one quote but I want something to compare it with) and reply to two wedding invitations.  That’ll make three weddings in less than four months!  And the reception for one of them will be held here, which will be great fun.  It’s the daughter of our former Rector, now working in Oulton Broad – she asked if it might be possible to have a marquee on our front field.  Of course we said yes and we’re really looking forward to it.

And now I’m leaving you, because I haven’t had time to read the papers yet.  So goodnight to you all.

4 comments on “Z perks up

  1. mig

    Nothing like getting things done to make other things look easier. And how sensible to cancel the meeting and substitute coffee. I’ve never been in a position to cancel a meeting but if I had, I hope I’d have done the same.


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