Z Pavlova

Salad tonight, with smoked mackerel, which I have lovingly filleted to save my darling boys the trouble. I took the food through to the dining room except the potatoes, which are still cooking. I laid the table. The sounds must have filtered through to Ro in the room above (it’s not his bedroom but has better wireless reception than his room). I heard clattering on the back stairs. “Sorry” I said, “five more minutes”. Moments later, the Sage’s hungry head poked round the door. “Sorry,” I said, “Five more minutes.”

I just need to make the right noises and they appear. It’s like putting the kettle on, which works without sound with the Sage.

10 comments on “Z Pavlova

  1. Dave

    Before anyone else comes here and makes any comments about your English, the whole piece appears to be written in the past tense, except the potatoes which are cooking.

    If you change it now, no-one will ever know.

  2. Z

    Sorry, John. Dave is an early riser.

    It was written as it was happening, Dave. I had done all those things written in the past tense, but the potatoes – which were Cornish – were then still cooking.

    You got live blogging there and you didn’t even realise it.

    John, another 250 comments such as those will be fine by me. Jokes are good, too.

  3. Dave

    And the landlord says: ‘I’m sorry, we’re going to have to stop there. Jokes emphasising ethic stereotypes are non-PC.’


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