Z Pants

I just came into the room – some time ago, I left the Sage watching snooker, and I expect he couldn’t find the remote control (it was so simple when you just used the buttons on the tv) and so left it – and the report of the London marathon is on. I left it and sat down with a glass of wine, but now, ten minutes later, my hip is actually aching. Since it doesn’t normally (this is my own hip, not the one that the Sage paid for), I can only assume that hips have ears.

My main other feeling is relief that I shall never go for a run. Sorry, I do appreciate the pleasure and satisfaction that people get from running, but I’ve never felt it and I’m not unhappy that now I never can.

Another christening this morning, at our informal monthly service, which starts off with bacon sandwiches and newspapers and ends up with me and Andy playing, respectively, clarinet and keyboard. He set a rattling pace and I was breathless by the end. Shine Jesus Shine, indeed. And Pant Z Pant. Five sharps, ‘n’all. One of the lads in one of the music classes I go to was in the congregation. We succeeded in not catching eyes.

Later, I labelled and moved the rest of the tomatoes, and here they are. They don’t really look like three hundred and something, but they’re all here, except the unidentified one. Actually, it looks like a Gardener’s Delight, but we’ll see. I’ll give it a good home, anyway.

I’m anxious to start planting things out, and the Sage has promised that he’ll finish the netting soon. I’m busy all day tomorrow (meeting, organist at funeral, working lunch, meeting), but I’ve still got potting up to do. It will be done in the evening, I hope. Weeza and Zerlina are coming over, but I won’t see them much. I even had to ask Dilly to do lunch for them as Mary and I keep on meeting and getting sociable and not getting our work done – we must catch up. I wouldn’t normally put anything before family, but Mary’s under a whole lot more pressure than I am, and I will spend time with Weeza and make up for it another day. Anyway, Zerlina and Pugsley will enjoy some time together – Squiffany and z are so close that Pugsley can be sidelined. Likewise, Weeza and Dilly are great friends and I must be glad they can spend time together and not mind that I can’t join in.

In case any of you notice the time on this post, I started writing it and then went to cook dinner before finishing. So the marathon was on television ages ago. At least an hour.

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