Z needs more books…

Having just realised that I only packed 2 books – though I’ve dozens on Kindle, I’m not that fond of reading on Kindle – I’ve panic-packed several more; fortunately in my hand luggage, so I’m sure I’ll be more rational in the morning and will see what I’m actually likely to read. Fairly light reading, on the whole, I don’t feel the need to concentrate much.

I really have got everything now, I think. The only thing left to do is check in to the airline at noon on Saturday. A few more things to put in my case, but I can shove it all in hand luggage and sort it out at the hotel on Saturday night.

I had a hygienist appointment this morning. D and I have become friendly over the past few years but she’s retiring in July, so I’ll need to swap to a new person. We chatted more this morning than we ever have – conversation isn’t that easy when one person has their mouth wide open. Then, Wink and I went into Norwich so I could get a few last-minute extras and after that we called on Rose, who is suffering badly from labyrinthitis. We’ve both had it and sympathise greatly. Her ear/nose/throat area aren’t in great shape anyway, so it’s quite bad for her. I’ve encouraged her to get sorted out before hay fever season kicks in, which could have been more tactfully put, but Rose and I can say anything without offence.

She reminded me about mosquito spray and also recommended heavy duty anti-histamine cream, so I went into Boots in town (drove home, then biked in, because I’m a virtuous Z). Boots in town has gone tits up. It’s pathetic. I don’t know if it’s just there, I know that there’s a major shortage of prescription meds anyway (getting worse all the time) and a shortage of pharmacists too, but a shop that used to have at least 5 members of staff at all times, when it was independently owned and now has 3 at most, only 1 front of house, acknowledging that it is always a fortnight in arrears for making up prescriptions and, if you want to wait, it’ll be over an hour and has a ten minute queue, isn’t doing well. If I’d had an alternative, I’d have left. When the pharmacist isn’t on duty, the whole shop shuts. I know that there are some items that can’t be sold if a pharmacist isn’t on site, but regular stuff can be sold, but that doesn’t matter to Boots. They just shut. My sister is going to get her prescription meds online in future.

I’ll read for a bit and then go to sleep. Must read more books…

3 comments on “Z needs more books…

  1. 63mago

    I am sorry to learn that Rose is not doing better. I remember an ear infection as painful, so all my sympathy for her.
    We have two pharmacies here in the village, both are literally falling over backwards to get one’s drugs delivered, no lack of service in this respect. I was sceptical about the new “elektronische Rezept”, but it works fine, at least for me so far : For a follow up prescription (stuff I use daily and ongoing), I write an email to my “Hausarzt” / GP, the doctor’s office does some electronic wizardry, and I can go to any pharmacy and get my drugs, showing the card of the statuatory health insurance – if they have it in store.
    If one can not go there (like my wheelchair-bound neighbour) they will jump in a car and race it to their customer. I did not hear of shortages of pharmaceuticals or prescription meds here, that would be disturbing, sorry.

  2. savannah49

    Happy reading! Poor Rose, I totally understand her pain. For all our insanely when it comes to healthcare here, I’ve only had one bad experience with a pharmacy since we’ve been back in LA.*fingers crossed* xoxo

  3. Z Post author

    She hasn’t got earache as such, but is very blocked up and in pain. Worse is the dizziness. It really is awful, I’ve had it myself.

    Wink went online to get her prescription. She won’t be returning to Boots, who don’t seem to be coping.


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