Z moves tables and chairs

Today, I shifted all the furniture in the drawing room to hoover – when you come on Monday and observe how scruffy and untidy the place is, please remember that this is post-housework.  It was far worse.  I’m being submerged in papers, even though I throw away a lot.

Friends turned up this afternoon, which was extremely jolly.  Usually when this happens (about every five years – these particular friends, I mean), I persuade them to stay for dinner, but it was a bit early to make this a reasonable proposition, especially as I hadn’t really got any food in (although one can always rustle up a meal).  They are away from next weekend, but have promised to get in touch on their return.  We had a good chat over a cup of tea, anyway.  I was in the middle of hoovering the carpet when they arrived and had to get rid of the worst of the detritus – I really ought to find a cleaner, I just can’t be arsed nowadays to do much myself.  When I think back, I used to move all the furniture every damn week to clean behind.  Now there is too much furniture and I lost the habit a long time ago.

Anyway, another friend turned up, this time with a bottle of wine.  I’d written a report for her – it was no trouble and I knew she’d have found it tricky, and there was really no need.  Very kind, though.

Rog has been mashing me on Facebook Scrabble.  He’s won the last several games, usually coming from behind in the last few goes.  This time, he’s well ahead from the beginning.  I can only sit back and admire.

5 comments on “Z moves tables and chairs

  1. Z

    I’m sure your sins are minor and entirely discreet, Dave. I shall turn a blind eye to any goings-on behind the sofa on Monday.

  2. Christopher

    Just off. So much looking forward to Monday. We’ll gladly help shift furniture back again, of course checking behind the sofa before causing needless exposure.

  3. Z

    It’s all right, thank you, I only shifted it to hoover underneath, then I moved it back again. I shall move the sofa a few inches forward,however, to allow room for sinning behind.

    Safe journey, dear heart.

  4. Sarah

    Ha ha.
    Dave is such a hoot.

    I’m having a spring sort of clean today too. The cobwebs only really show themselves once you start to hoover them away. Then something resembling the set from Arachnophobia hangs down in great swathes from the ceiling. Gak. Looking forward to it. And as I said before if I can bring anything along , please let me know.


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