Z makes progress and Eloise cat approves

I have, at least, got as far as moving the computer back into the study.  It used to live here all the time, but then it occurred to me that it was so much warmer in the room where there’s a fire in the winter, that I might as well have it there and move back here in summer.  Then, two or three years ago, the room became so cluttered that it was a dumping ground and – well, it’s on the way to being cleared.  I’ve decided to get new curtains, though.  So it’s all still a work in progress.  Although I intend to finish tomorrow, apart from curtains, I suspect I’ll miss the deadline.

Last night, I went to stay at Ro and Dora’s house, because they were at a friend’s wedding and it was too long to leave their cat, Jasper.  I fed Eloise, then spent the evening and night at their house and came back about 8.30 this morning, to feed animals here before church.  There weren’t many of us in church and I couldn’t really hear the singing, which is a disadvantage.  For one thing, hearing the words helps me to keep track of how many verses I’ve played, which can be tricky.

Eloise heartily approves of my bringing the computer here, by the way.  She rubs herself on it and purrs and walks over the desk and purrs and stands on the keyboard and purrs.  She can also sit on the windowsill behind the desk, and ask to be let in and out of the window.

The tortoises are also pleased to be outside in their run now.  When the weather has been fine and I’ve taken them out, I’ve also brought them back in overnight.  But the forecast is mild tonight and, unless there’s a really cold snap, I’ll leave them out there for the next four months.  They prefer it and I do too.  I have been raising weeds out there for them.

Because I’m in the study, typing, I haven’t lit the fire and, though it’s been a glorious spring day, it’s getting chilly now.  So I might retreat to bed with my iPad and the papers.

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  1. Z Post author

    Believe it or not, you can buy weed seeds to grow for tortoises. For the last couple of years, I’ve grown a mixture of vetch, clover and plantain in trays for them, but I think there’s enough of various things growing in their run for now.


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