Z makes cakes – or rather, Z supervises the making of cakes

Squiffany, Pugsley and Hadrian came to spend the day with me as both their parents were at work.  This was an immense treat for me, as I’m not very often lucky enough to have them to myself any more – Dilly is a teacher, so is at home in the holidays and now Weeza works termtime only as well.  It’s not that we don’t all get together but, when we do, all the little cousins tend to vanish together or in groups, and I hardly see them.

We made cakes.  That’s what happens with granny, it’s a long-standing tradition.  They all are very good together, I’m appreciative of the excellent parenting that’s taken place, knowing well how hard it is.  Weeza and Al used to fight awfully as children, though they have got on very well for years.  But there was co-operation and good humour all round, and various games were played too – in all, it was a lovely, relaxed day and I enjoyed it very much.

I’m tired now though.  I had a long chat with LT and another with Phil, whose birthday it is, and that makes me pretty well talked out, what with entertaining young children and all.  I used to have most energy in the evenings, I reckoned that was when I was most awake.  Not now, though.  Possibly, I pace myself better during the day, but I can only do the “woo-hoo, this is the real Z!” thing every so often at night, nowadays.  I feel most dreadfully boring, darlings.  I rather miss the old Z – but that was, actually, the young Z.  One has to adjust.

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