Z loves her chilli — how did the song go?

Today – and yesterday – we’ve mostly been making chilli relish.  We last made it at the end of the summer with our own jalapeños but we ate both Kilner jarsful (they’re the equivalent of Mason jars, if you are of the American persuasion) and we craved more.  So we bought a kilo of red chillies at the Exotic Supermarket and made two more batches.  We tried the first lot with cheese for lunch today, just in case the chillies were over- or under-heated and, although we know the flavours will develop and we should really let it mature a bit, it is so delicious that we were glad we didn’t resist.  Last night, I was out for supper with the book club girls and the Cyder Club’s latest batch of vinegar (which is actual vinegar, though telling the difference between that and the cider is a slightly dubious question) was praised.  So we went along with a jug and bottle this afternoon and the second batch has been made with 250 ml of home brew.

The next village is always an interesting place.  It’s got such a fabulous community, lots of events and social things going on all the time.  I used to be very involved there but drifted away rather, mostly because of other busyness.   But I’m less busy now and my friends are very keen to welcome LT into the social circle, so we’re engaging again.  And tomorrow, we’re going to a quiz supper – LT hits the high life here, he certainly knows he’s moved to the countryside.  But it’s fun, it’s friendly and we makeses our own entertainment in Norfolk.

I’ve washed many times, including the scrubbing of my hands with salt, but I’m still infused with chilli.  On the one hand, a lick of a finger is delicious but on the other, I daren’t touch my eyes or any other sensitive spot.  Is there a guaranteed way of eliminating chilli from the skin, does anyone know?  I’m just about to apply my best Jo Malone hand cream, in the hope of masking it somewhat.

2 comments on “Z loves her chilli — how did the song go?

  1. Chairwoman Ros

    Have you tried milk or natural yoghurt? Just an idea as it works if you’ve eaten extremely spicy food?


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