Z loses the Plot

I’m plugging away at my list, which I mentioned the other day, and I’m actually doing quite well with it. A friend came to stay the night – she had to come to Cambridge, so it wasn’t far off her route (we’re about an hour and a half from Cambridge and she lives about 3 hours drive both from there and from us). I’d made a kedgeree the day before, so that I wouldn’t have to spend valuable chatting time cooking while she was here.

This morning, knowing I had a whole lot to do, she went into town to do some shopping and I prepared lunch for oneish. She finally rolled back about two o’clock, admitting that she’d lost track of time and had received a parking ticket as a result. She brought a box of chocolates, amongst other presents, and congratulated me on my weight loss – not quite thought through there, I suggest. I have given them to Ro and asked him to keep them well out of my sight.

I’m feeling mildly hysterical because of multi-tasking, which is taxing me to an absurd level and makes me feel at least my age (maybe older, but how am I to know what that feels like?). One vital item hasn’t been touched yet and I haven’t picked up the clarinet, and am too drunk (I’m not drunk, but have to be entirely sober to play) to do it this evening. However, I’m doing well otherwise. Sadly, I have a meeting tomorrow morning which will result in more work, and one in the afternoon which I hope will not, or not much. Of the 9 items I mentioned, 6 are done and one is more than half done. “course, there were things I didn’t mention…

It took me three hours to complete a reply to one email because I kept having to move on to other things, and when I finally pressed send it said I’d been signed out and I’d have to send it again, whoops, they’d lost it. I didn’t know whether it had gone or not as, I discovered, it was in my sent rather than draft box. Why do they do it? Efficiency is all I ask for. I sent the bugger again with an apology if it was received twice.

Anyway, it snowed again this morning and is really quite cold now. I’ve left the heating on in the greenhouse for the last two days, but at least a lot of seedlings are up. I’ll go and breathe on them tomorrow – breath is awfully good for plants, I find.

Haven’t sorted out holiday insurance yet. Oh damn.

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  1. Malc

    That first paragraph is a very good puzzle. I’m going to spend the rest of the day trying to work out where your friend started out from. It may drive me mad.


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