Z loses patience and becomes decisive

Right. Champagne is in the fridge and butternut squash risotto will be prepared for dinner. I have had enough of drooping around and intend to laugh all evening. This will be very disconcerting to my family, who may well be tempted to lock me in the attic, but I intend that they will find me irresistible and have to join in.

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  1. Z

    That is me chuckling, Tess. The treatment worked. I demanded to be amused so Ro told me stories of Things that had happened at Work, which were most entertaining. We also toasted marshmallows by the fire.

    Jen, they both (separately) thanked me for the roasted vegetables I’d cooked for them last night – I went out so didn’t eat any myself – and said they were delicious. I was charmed and encouraged.

    Wendz, sorry, but Ro had a second helping and has since claimed the rest for his lunch tomorrow. I will have to cook you some specially.

  2. Anonymous

    Tough day today, dog had to see vet for tooth extraction (she was at the vet all day-bill was $400!) Got the tooth as a “souvenir”. Came home and while dog was sleeping off her drugs the humans had meatloaf, fresh veggies and rolls and some wine. Not as good as risotto and champagne but a close second!

  3. laurel

    ah, well..you didn’t get sent to the attic then. I would have at least insisted on the champagne going with to the upper floor šŸ™‚
    I’m glad you to see you’re more cheerful. you’re well loved, remember that when the blues come calling.

  4. Z

    Ow, anon, that takes the shine off the day. Vets are horribly expensive, but at least a vet’s bill makes me appreciate the NHS. Hope the dog is feeling better now. Somewhere we have a donkey tooth that fell out of our elderly (and long dead) donkey’s jaw and into his manger. Not a particularly attractive memento.

    Thank you Laurel, yes, I’m lucky and I know it. My family had remained blissfully unaware that I was fed up, I’m glad to say that I didn’t take it out on them.

    And I do appreciate my lovely blog friends xx

  5. How do we know

    but thats so wonderful of you.. to not take it out on them.. sometimes, one is almost grateful for the blog and the catharsis it provides.. which is not to say tht you took it out on us:-)

    But that we went through this together, and that made it easy for everyone involved.

  6. Z

    I just grumbled. And there wasn’t even anything wrong, just a few issues at a meeting that made me feel despondent.

    But you were all sweet to me.


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