Z loses a day

Whoops, sorry about that.  I thought I’d written in the morning so didn’t look again but, of course, it was Friday morning.  I’m not sure how I can have possibly managed without blogging for two whole days.

Anyway, the sale is all over and done with again.  It shows my age now, I find it very tiring.  We added an extra hour to the viewing time a few years ago, which has eased busyness, but made it a longer day.  We leave home about 12 noon and get back about 10pm, but it’s a fairly busy morning too, so it does take it out of us a bit.  I try to do most of the work to save the Sage’s energy for the sale itself, no good if he flags by the time it starts at 7 o’clock.

Sad to say, the mug didn’t meet its reserve in the sale, so is presently unsold.  There are a couple of people interested and it will probably be sold within a day or so, however.  It is badly damaged – this wouldn’t put me off, were I in the market to buy, as it is truly wonderful painting, and it used not to matter in the least with Lowestoft, but times change and people are more concerned about condition than they used to be.

The same day, Friday, that the Sage’s picture was in the Low. Journal, Zerlina’s was in the BBJ (our local paper), at the village festival.  Here she is.  Ice-cream eating is a matter for due concentration.

I will probably be back later.  I feel very conscious that I have short-changed you in the blogging department.  Toodly-pip, darlings.

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