Z likes it hot

While restocking the shelves in the shop cooler, my eye was caught by some fine red chillies (this was not at all painful as I merely looked at them). I was seized, unexpectedly, by a great craving and brought one home. I chopped it, with a small red onion and a handful of parsley (suppose it should be coriander, but I didn’t have any), fried them and added eggs for an omelette for lunch. I did taste the chilli, to check just how eye-watering it was, and it was fairly gentle at the end. I knew, of course, that it would be hotter at the stalk and took the precaution of removing the seeds.

I was given a clue when my eyes started to twitch, and then I sneezed. And this was just from the vapour.

Ooh, that was a good omelette. Even my teeth feel hot. I am very happy. Now, I’m munching oatcakes to cool my mouth down. I wonder what I will do this afternoon. I could do the ironing. Or potter in the greenhouse (this is what I am most inclined to do, except that it’s a bit chilly and dull and I like sun, even when I’m indoors. I could curl up with a book and a good dog. I could work of course, but … well …

Coffee first. I drank no coffee yesterday, nor yet today. I must keep practising my vices, or else I will become sweet and lovely, and it’s far better to keep ’em all guessing.

14 comments on “Z likes it hot

  1. badgerdaddy

    Just burning Live on Two Legs for SLF… And thought I would say hi. So… Hi.

    Right, taking a break to meet SLF for coffee. Laters!

    PS: Omelette sounds very good. Not sure I can do hotness any more, it disturbs my delicate equilibrium and burns my bumhole.

  2. Z

    Hi, BD. Glad SLF likes the music too.

    Avoid giving you rhubarb, sprouts, caffeine and hotness then. Right.

    I rather like a quickly cooked chilli, or a raw one in a salad. You get enjoyable spots of heat, piquant or intense, rather than all pervading throatclenching pain. Which makes them so good in omelettes.

  3. Z

    I remember watching my sister, on the train from Delhi to Dehra Dun, popping a whole green chilli in her mouth. I watched with interest as she tried hard not to squeal with pain. “Hot?” I asked. She nodded, tears in her eyes.

    Decaff no good to you?

    Celery *adds to mental list*. Okay

  4. maggie

    imperatrix, yes,i so AGREE. everything taste better with hot pepper or chillies!

    i could eat chillies along with other ingredients but not a bunch of it raw.

    z, i love omelette, cooking and eating them! never tried the one you did yet though.

  5. Z

    I do a mixed bean salad with sliced red onions and chopped raw chilli. Very good. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe, if that doesn’t put people off …

    Today’s lunch was based on the masala omelettes I eat in India.

  6. Imperatrix

    maggie — It’s so nice to meet a kindred spirit. My family thinks I’m weird when I sprinkle hot pepper flakes on macaroni & cheese. I just sit smugly, knowing they are missing out on a taste treat.

  7. ldbug

    I prefer chilies in good Mexican food, yum! Never had one in an om…scratch that, I did have a burrito omelettte once and I think there was a palmetto chili in there. Think I prefer omelettes and burritos as separate entities, hmmm

  8. Z

    To be honest, Ldbug, “burrito omelette” doesn’t quite ring as a dish I’d choose. Good Mexican food may exist in this country; I’ve had okay Mexican food but I probably don’t know how good it can really be.

  9. Wendz

    I just love chillis – esoecially the red Zairean ones…look like Scotch Bonnets but with way more fire. I make a paste of it when I can get my hands on some….lasts for ages in the fridge and can ne frozen too. A tiny bit is all thats needed to zest up a dish.

  10. Z

    No, I never have. Some years I’ve done extra Good Deeds (can’t remember what, specifically!) and I think that is more useful, if one is drawn to do something.


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