Z likes her children

Ro said, last night, that he had come the closest ever to losing his temper at work yesterday. He, like my other son Al, gets angry about twice a year, so I was curious.

Apparently, some middle-management little tin god called him in because his printer wasn’t working. Ro found that the problem was that he needed toner. “I’ll speak to H” he offered, “get her to order you some.” “No, that’s all right, I’ll tell A to get it, I’ll enjoy that,” said the ltg. He rang her up at once, on speakerphone, and laid the law down at length, telling her that it was her job to see to that sort of thing, man of his importance should not have to wait, da-de-da – laying the law down because he could, you know.

Ro can’t bear this sort of thing. “It was the worst thing I’ve listened to since I was mending a computer in an office where they were making racist jokes” he said. “That time, I blanked them out and got on with the job. I was just the IT bloke, they didn’t even notice I was there.”
“I went to commiserate with A and apologise that I’d had to hear it. She said he is always an arsehole, don’t worry, she blanks it out too.”
Fortunately, Ro’s immediate boss, in his department of two, is a good bloke and they get on well, and it’s a good company to work for.

El is even happier in her job. She is going on a work trip soon, that is so cool that I am beside myself with envy. “What is it, a team-building exercise?” I asked. This is her return email:-


They’ve promised it’s not going to be ‘team building’ as such – just a hoopla cos the office has had a brilliant 2006. But I do love them all the more for it ;-)”

I am jealous. I want to go too. I can’t even tell you what it is, can I. Damn.

12 comments on “Z likes her children

  1. The Boy

    Second time running today I get to use this quote, “The measure of a man is not how he treats his equals, but in how he treats those who serve him.” Truer words where never spoke eh?

  2. Z

    Oh darling Pat, you will never be old. But yes, it’s a bummer isn’t it. Where did the years go? And why didn’t we appreciate them enough?

  3. martina

    Reminds me of a discussion with my older cousin (he is 62) and I had last night. He said he needs lots of light in the room when he reads. I reminded him that when I was a kid and visited his home, his father always wanted to turn lamps on when I was reading something. I was able to read fine without the lamp-different story now!

  4. badgerdaddy

    Another bloody week where I get to the end of it for whatever reason and realise I have had no R-BOL. So I have to catch up in one chunk, but you are so prolific these days!

    It takes time, and I sober up so quickly these days…

  5. How do we know

    Oh yes, the children pass that test with flying colors, and obviously, so do the parents 🙂

    Isn’t that cool? To get up one day, look into the mirror and realise that you see a person you like!

  6. How do we know

    Z, and i forgot to tell you one thing.. about that team building.. you can do it for all of you at home.. instead of a reunion.. get everyone to a funny place where the most amusing thing is the prices your employers are paying for everything. (OK, so you go to a chaper place, that’s it)

    Then, get someone to make everyone play nice games to “know each other better”.. (obviously, you know each other better than that already), and you will be in splits over the discoveries made – about self and about others in the group..

    Want some ideas? Let me know… will tell u abt some nice discovery games 😉


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