Z leaves late

Couldn’t last. It was quarter to seven by the time I left the shop tonight.

The Best Landlord in the World According To Badgerdaddy came in today. We chatted, and he confided that tonight he plans to make his first ever steak and kidney pudding, with proper suet pastry. I promptly invited myself to dinner, and he agreed, if I came with a bottle of wine…we both knew I didn’t mean it, but on the other hand I rather did.

However, when I did get back, dinner was in the oven already, thanks to the Sage. Not just to him, for I had done some forward planning at the weekend (it involved the final bit of the Christmas ham) and all was needed was the addition of mashed potato and half an hour in the oven. But the Sage had accomplished that bit and, furthermore, had filled and switched on the dishwasher. This is not unimpressive and I was appreciative – not that I thanked him, for that would imply it was my job, but I did say ‘jolly good’ or some such hearty expression of approbation.

I haven’t slept much in the past few nights, as I’ve gone to bed late, not slept much and arisen early. So I think I’ll have an early night.

By the way, my Christmastime credit card bill arrived yesterday and I didn’t open it…I did today of course, I was only busy – but it was a lot less than I’d rather anticipated. I waved it in the Sage’s general direction for him to deal with – we have a clear demarcation of responsibilities in this household. I use the credit card, he pays the resulting bill. Of course, his own present was paid for in cash from my own bank account, I am entirely reasonable in this sort of regard.

12 comments on “Z leaves late

  1. badgerdaddy

    You know what, I bet BLITWE was serious – he’s great like that. He cooked me a wicked Thai curry one night, he’s pretty good in the kitchen. Better than me, anyway. Next time he offers, take him up on it!!
    Good old BLITWE – not spoken to him for a while.

  2. sablonneuse

    Loading dishwasher, putting food in the oven! Wow, Bear doesn’t even know the difference between the two. He also claimed that he couldn’t possibly do any ironing because he was incapable of working out how to put up the ironing board!

  3. Z

    Well, he didn’t actually offer as such, but when I asked to share his puddin’ he could hardly turn me down…

    Sablonneuse, the Sage will put his hand to most things. He rarely does any ironing, but it’s not unknown. He is particularly good at sweeping floors. His blind spot is the washing machine, which he is quite unable to use – I think he’s afraid of shrinking things or having colours run, which is fair enough, because he would.

    Not a particularly interesting present, Dandelion, I’m afraid it was mainly clothes. I wanted to buy him something antique, but the right thing didn’t present itself (and, after all, I am getting more antique by the day).

    Charming of you to call in, even if finger-tied, Dave.

  4. Z

    You have a splendid memory, D, which is more than I have. I did buy them in Yagnub, though, from the independent clothes-and-sports shop. I did not buy sports clothes, of course. If the Sage were to indulge in sports, he would wear a gentleman’s clothes in which to do so. Scruffy ones, of course.


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