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Maybe this will be the way to go; two posts every other day.  Or maybe not.

We had the card one has every year, we didn’t know whom it was from.  There was an affectionate message, three xs and it seemed to be signed Susie and Ian.  Ian was a bit of a squiggle, but the Susies I know aren’t married to Ians, nor are the Sues or Susans.  Back in the 50s, lots of girls were called Susan.  I had a few clues, the envelope had been hand-delivered and the tricksy little drawing and message gave a religious air.  I had a vague feeling I’d brought it home from church.  Where I hadn’t met Susie.  Or Ian.

It took a long time for the Sage, finally, to think of someone called Ian (apart from the Ian who’s married to Caroline).  He said the surname – I replied “Ah.  Could it be Angie, do you think?”  It was.  Still looked like Susie, really.

Yesterday and today, I’ve felt my age and more so.  The walk on Saturday, it was neither very cold nor windy, but my ears feel as if I’ve been out in a gale or to a party or gig with loud music.  They feel muffled.  Or rather, sound is muffled.  It had almost worn off by yesterday evening, but was back again this morning.  And, on Saturday night, some of the reason I didn’t sleep was that my hips were sore.  Yes, both of them, but differently.  My replaced hip, I could feel both places where my bone was cut off – pain is too strong a word, it’s a slightly achy sore feeling.  The other hip, it’s exactly where the arthritis started in the first one.  There’s a spot, if you press, you can feel it if it’s there to feel. I’m not having to press.

I’m not going to take it as a big deal.  The terrain was wet and, in some places, muddy, and I was glad of the support of a walking pole, but I probably held myself stiffly.  I’m going to see the surgeon again and have another x-ray in the next couple of months, I’ll mention it.  The worst that happens, I’ll have another new hip in five to ten years.  But it may be that I just don’t do a lot of walking and, although it was only 3 miles (5 kilometres if you’re that way inclined), it was more than usual, in wellies and on wet ground.

Simon, he of the 2.Sox, and a pal of his and I did the Times crossword by text today.  It was most jolly, and I doubt any of the three of us would have completed it alone.  The Christmas/New Year holidays are over from now, it’s been restful and enjoyable.  I almost got bored at one or two points, having had enough of a break.  But not quite.

15 comments on “Z keeps writing

  1. Eddie 2-Sox

    Uxorial. Dar Es Salaam. Samoa.

    You got all the tricky stuff that us peasants wouldn’t imagine.

    We did get some easy ones though, befitting pondlife like uz.

    Our completed puzzle is going up on the wall, framed, in The Woolpack. Yes, we’re working class.

  2. Dave

    Wellies aren’t the most supportive of footwear. Unless you have deigner walking wellies that is. I always favour walking boots and trousers I don’t mind washing (and/or gaiters if very wet).

  3. Z

    It was only a fairly short walk, my walking shoes aren’t up to the muddy terrain. I have used them when it has been dry and frosty, but that’s fairly unusual for New Year’s Day. I’m not buying proper walking boots for a few miles once a year in the wet.

  4. Marion

    I hope your hip pain was caused by the lack of suppportive walking boots and not anything more worrying. Footware really can make a difference on a hike.

  5. Z

    I don’t think it was the boots because it was such a short walk – I’ve usually worn Wellingtons for that walk, even when I’ve gone 8 or 10 miles. But I think a lot of it is that I rarely do go for walks – I’ve got out of the habit in the last three years. I enjoyed the company, if not the actual walking!

  6. 63mago

    After 5 km through the mud in Gummistiefel not only my hip would feel sore, but any muscle in my wounderful legs and knees would hurt. I hope it’s caused only by the unusual strain. Ears are easily hurt, regardless of age.

  7. Z

    I think so too, Mago. Though I wasn’t quite wading through mud.

    I’d love to, Simon, but I can’t this Saturday. The family is coming over because my sister is here.

  8. Rog

    I had dizziness & vertigo over Christmas which I think was something to do with the inner ear. Others imagined it was wine flu.

  9. Z

    There are always the cards from unidentified people, and always the ones from people whom you haven’t sent to. Since, having stopped sending cards a few years ago, I can’t bear to go through it any more again, that’s most of them.

    Certainly the inner ear, Rog. People can be so cruel.
    Actually, the blockage in my ears has shifted and I feel dizzy this morning. I’m walking very carefully.

    I think of it as the woolsack, Chris. I visited Parliament at a formative age.


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