Z keeps her clout firmly in place

1 When walking the dog yesterday,  I saw the first blackthorn that is coming into bloom.  The may won’t be out until May this year.

2 Today the bees are flying from Al’s hives – I haven’t seen them until now (though I’ve only looked on sunny days and there have been few enough of those) and was afraid that all three hives were dead.  I think one of them is, haven’t seen any sign of life at all.  Al will have a look next time he’s over – I’m thinking I’m going to have to learn to look after them too, at least the rudiments.  I’ve never had ambitions to be a bee-keeper, but I don’t mind.  I found last year that I’m not afraid to help out – unsurprisingly, some people are.

3 I’ve reminded the Sage that the deadline for getting outside junk disposed of is the end of the month or I’m getting a skip.  He looked worried.  He’s starting to believe I mean it.

4 Ben went into the downstairs loo and had a little chew on a toilet roll.  It was almost new, of course I didn’t throw it away.  Wicked waste makes woeful want, as they say.  So we are using loo paper with teethmarks in.  That still work, as we say in Norfolk.

5 Having sent out the final address list of Nadfas contact details, someone then told me he moved house in February.  So I sent out a correction.  And then someone else sent me another correction.  I sent this address list out at least twice previously this year and they didn’t tell me then.  It makes me look inefficient, but I can only give out information that I’ve been given.  I take the view, however, that the more incompetent I look, the keener they’ll be to find a new secretary.  

5 comments on “Z keeps her clout firmly in place

  1. janerowena

    I thought of you again today, as DBH again tried to wriggle out of chainsawing the log pile obstructing the entrance to greenhouse2 (mine are nowhere near as large as yours. We nearly had Words, but he did saw up some logs and sorted the piles for keeping and disposal. I thought it was going quite well when he informed me that I could now get into the greenhouse. I went to have a look and yes, I can. Shame I can’t get to the waterbutt though, and the pile for disposal would probably fit into my boot whereas the pile for keeping needs its own shed. It’s all very wearing.

    Poor bees – but it was such a very long winter. I cleared the herb bed today and I have lost nearly all of them, even the thymes.

  2. Z

    It is, I can only sympathise.

    There are so many perils that can kill bees as well as the weather – one needs at least three hives to be reasonably confident of keeping going.

  3. nick

    Loo paper with teethmarks in? That might startle a few visitors who don’t know the reason. They’ll be watching out for a fearsome animal….


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