Z keeps calm…ish

Last night, I remembered that I need to buy creosote*.  I have tried to get it locally, but have only been able to track down brown, whereas I need black because that’s what’s on the outbuildings already.  And while I was negotiating my way about eBay, I remembered some other things I’d meant to buy and headed off that way.  I wanted a new wok and found that the one I wanted had free postage if I spent £50.  Fortunately, my larger frying pan is also in need of replacement … to spend the money, I also bought a spatula and, remarkably, the three together came to exactly £50.  And then I notice the sale.  Until today, 20% off and still free postage.  I think I’ve done rather well.  With the money saved, I bought a new carry-on suitcase and some scales to weigh it.

I’m feeling flush, you see, because I don’t need all the money I saved for the taxman.  Also, I found some money I’d forgotten about in an old handbag.  So I’ve made a donation to the village church too, let’s spread the fortune.

Al, Dilly and the children came over to help with sorting out more papers.  They found the log book of the car on the header picture, which is excellent.  Sadly, I don’t know where the papers are for four other cars, but this is the best and oldest car, so finding the original paperwork as well as the modern papers is very good news.

There was another document I needed about my personal pension so that I could fill in a form for the tax man and I had it a few weeks ago and couldn’t find it anywhere and I’m afraid I cried.  Dealing with paperwork is the worst anyway.  I’ve discovered that neither Weeza nor Al can really cope with me when I’m being a spineless girly.  I think it frightens them as they have a picture of me as strong and capable.  I had no idea of this until my mother died, I spent nearly half a century thinking I was a wuss.  Of course, the truth is somewhere in between – anyway, it took Dilly to come and comfort me and assure me she is  sometimes reduced to tears over official papers too.  And later, it occurred to me that I might have passed the paper on to my accountant, so I’ll phone him in the morning and ask him about the rest of the form too, because there are a couple of questions I’m not confident about answering.

Once I’d pulled myself together, I cooked lunch and now at least we’ve finished another job.  I still feel fragile, it does me no good to cry.  So tonight, I’ve had a long soak in a hot bath, scented with some lovely Jo Malone oil that Wink gave me, conditioned my hair to silkiness and my face to softness, eaten the rest of the onion soup with buttered crumpets and Jonni’s lovely unpasteurised cheese and listened to a Radio 3 programme of 2 hours of British classical music.  And drunk two glasses of Pinot Grigio.  I still feel pretty miserable, but I’m fighting back and I’m not going to let it overcome me, because I’ll still have to pull myself up again and the further I fall, the harder that will be.

*Creosote substitute that is, the real thing is banned nowadays.

2 comments on “Z keeps calm…ish

  1. Blue Witch

    It’s all so flippin’ complicated these days, isn’t it?

    I do wonder how most people manage if those of us with some idea of how the world works, and a few braincells, sometimes find it so incomprehensible/frustrating.

    Strange that you should mention Jo Malone – I’d never heard of her until she was in Desert Island Discs last week.

    If you’re thinking of selling the cars and don’t have your own sources, and need any advice/suggestions I’m sure Mr BW would be more than happy to help.

  2. Z Post author

    All official letters I’ve had have been kind and sympathetic and usually written in plain English. I still don’t understand some of the form, though and I panic easily at present. I just have to buy my way out of it all with professional advice, I don’t trust my brain at present.

    When I went to bed, the few drops of bath oil I’d put in the tub still scented the bathroom – as well as me. It’s expensive, but it does go a long way.

    Thank you, I’ll bear it in mind. I was able to sell the tractor startlingly well, but that was a matter of both of us being a bit naive. I still will try to find the V5 forms rather than having to replace them. I’ve no idea where to look at present, but I’m narrowing down possibilities.


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