Z is visiting London on a Coach

Off on another jolly tomorrow. Yes, my life is full of frivolity. I have earned my keep today, however, by looking after Squiffany this morning, working in the garden and greenhouse this morning and working on actual money-bearing work this evening, as far as one can when one has sunk half a bottle of red and is Merry.

I will leave for Norwich at 6.45, ante meridiem.

When I arrive back in Norwich, some 12 hours after I leave, I’ll toddle down the the Assembly House for a private view (no, not just for me, it’s not that private) of an exhibition put on by students at the City College – a group I’m on the committee of has sponsored it.

I have explained to the Sage and Ro that I will be too late for dinner and not to wait. I’ll eat on the way home. This means either that I’ll huddle at a Table For One or that I’ll queue at MuckD for a takeaway. Or I could dream hungrily of bacon and eggs all the way home. I don’t know. I’ll let kind fate decide.

I’m going to visit the Goldsmiths’ Hall, in the City*, by the way. I’ve not been there before, I expect to be vastly interested.

*near St Pauls

5 comments on “Z is visiting London on a Coach

  1. Z

    That’s right Dandelion. They’ve got an exhibition on.

    Angelina, I’ll be the one at the front of the Dereham coach grinning at you.


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