Z is virtuous (in a strictly food-related sense)

The coffee morning went well, I think. Apart from the fact that I seem to have politely expressed an interest in joining a Latin class – the person trying to set it up has three people including herself on her list, so with any luck it won’t get off the ground. No, I love Latin. But I’m a bit doubtful here. She specifically said that she is not interested in Roman literature, and I am.

Anyway, I did my little piece and afterwards they stayed and chatted some more, which was a good sign (that I’d not talked too long). I refused biscuits, which caused some curiosity, so I explained to closest friends. Afterwards, I came back and picked up lovely vegetables, and excellent fish from the market. The Sage had already had lunch, so I stir-fried onion, garlic, ginger, two chillies, fennel and tomatoes with four splendid fresh prawns, added lime juice and ate it all. Then I made stock with the duck bones from last night, and a big pot of minestrone. This was all very virtuous food, but whether weight is lost is another matter.

The Sage has asked me out!!(!) There is an antiques fair this weekend at a fairly local private school, and he has tickets. Free tickets, I might add. Still, a date is never to be sneezed at. Tomorrow, it will only be one week until our auction sale. I am all excited. I love auctions.

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  1. Dave

    If the private school is at a place called L******y, then I’ve played cricket there a few times. Very Tom Brown’s Schooldays it was.


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