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If any of you remember the blogger Boy On Top, this cartoon will show why I’m reminded of him.  He lives near Guildford and blogged pretty well daily for a long time, but eventually his posting rate dropped off severely.  He explained and apologised – he used the commute to work (Holborn, at that time) to catch up on emails and to blog, but of late he hadn’t been able to get a seat and use the laptop.  “You’ll have to fork out for a First Class season ticket!” I said, jovially.  “I already do,” he replied, effectively silencing me.

No change here, can’t remember what I last told you. *saves as draft* Oh yes – we’d seen the psychiatric nurse and she doesn’t reckon R is depressed and not do I.  The consultant had said he’d arrange a gastroscopy and I had a phone call yesterday morning, offering him an appointment at 9 am on Sunday,  I accepted, but half an hour later, I had another call – ‘how would 9 am on Wednesday suit, we’ve had a cancellation?’  I’m putting a lot of hope on this procedure giving us an answer, but there are still a few more strings to our bow, if it doesn’t.

We went to have lunch with Weeza on Sunday.  There was some thunder rolling around when we left, but no rain until we got to Wroxham, then it cleared up again.  A couple of miles from home, there were massive puddles in the road.  Thank goodness i’d left trays out in case of rain, because four of them, plus a rug and two towels, were severely doused.  It was all right, no mopping up to do, though a fair bit of emptying,

It’s the last week of term and very busy.  I’m too busy to blog, really.  Then I have various prizes to present.  I lent my car to Dilly for a couple of nights, while hers was in the garage.  Lovely Graham from the local garage came straight out to help her when her car broke down. She hadn’t driven my car before, nor an automatic ever, and she likes both.  I don’t mind whether I drive a car with a clutch or not (I used R’s van while Dilly had my car) but I do like my present car, a simple Ford Focus.  I’m good with simple.

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  1. sablonneuse

    Hope all goes well with the gastroscopy and that it helps find the porblem so that you can find a solution.


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