Z is tired

Gosh, I couldn’t do with being a teacher. Far too much like hard work. I managed last week and this week I only had a governors’ meeting plus today in Music and German. I’d rather thought it was French, which I can speak (well, up to the standard of the average GCSE student I can) so it was a bit surprising. It was fine, year 9s and then year 11s, but when I left I was tired out. I went into town and parked outside Al’s shop and saw that the nearest butcher’s shop was still open. I staggered in. “Steak” I said, Homerishly. I bought three large hunks of meat for about a tenner and went for vegetables. Al had the shop door shut, which is a sign of extremely cold weather.

Not that we’ve had the snow some of you have had. Booooo. I’d not mind snow. I love frolicking in snow. I have no objection to the whole country coming to a standstill (preferably while people are safely tucked up at home rather than trying to get somewhere) so that we can all go out and play. It happens so rarely and we don’t often have carefree fun.

Anyway, I came home, ate three rice cakes and ate a bowl of plain yoghurt and drank a mugful of weak milkless tea. I’m a woman who knows how to indulge myself. Actually, I’ve a bar of chocolate right here by my chair and I’ll have two squares of it later. Iron will? Oh yes. Not that I’m boasting, I bore myself. I think fat people probably have more fun. Thank the Lord for alcohol.

Anyway, I babysat for an hour and a half and then came back and cooked dinner. I didn’t eat all the steak, good though it was. I’ve read the papers and I need to book a train ticket for the Sage, who has to visit the Dark Metropolis next week.

Oh, and I have hiccups. I should chew food before swallowing.

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  1. Z

    Has changing your diet helped towards the kidney stones, Dave? If not, is there any point in depriving yourself of the occasional steak. If it has, it’s worth it of course.

    I’m usually too busy talking to chew. Or listening.


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