Z is Surprisingly Calm

I’ve had two breakfasts four hours apart, worked in between times and had a good nap. Next, I’ll call round to elderly friends and (if they’re in) be given sherry and a mince pie. After that, if the Sage is home, we’ll put up the Christmas tree and if not I’ll wrap the presents. Phil’s has arrived; some books for Zerlina haven’t but there’s still time for a last delivery, if that’s what the Post Office does nowadays and if not, a 4-month-old won’t mind if she hasn’t got quite enough to read. Her mother can always read her Miff Heehog in any case.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and thank you all for being there.

Z xx

5 comments on “Z is Surprisingly Calm

  1. badgerdaddy

    Happy Christmas, Z. Hopefully see you in the new year – looks like work will take me to Yarmouth, and I would be bang out of order if I did not grace Yagnub with my presence. I’ll let you know.
    Give my love to your family too, ‘specially your ace son Alex.

  2. Z

    Plans are changing and I’m writing another post about it right now.

    It’d be lovely to see you, Badge, I’ll look forward to it. Love to you and yours too.

    Dand, tomorrow has just simplified right down. I’m feeling more flexible by the moment.


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