Z is superseded

Hello Osci. I thought you should have the last word (see comments on previous post).

Last Post sort of gives the wrong message, don’t you think?

I was disarmed yet again to receive Presents on leaving the PCC and the churchwardenship. I had to come home and send a rather gushing text to a friend – which means it’s done now, so I don’t need to gush at you. I did notes today for the new churchwarden – I”m afraid it ran to three pages. She was a bit shell-shocked – but I explained that if she wrote down everything she takes for granted in running her home, it would be pages long too. I also said I wished I’d had such a thing done for me, as I spent the first year getting nasty shocks (Find someone to read the Roll of Honour at the Remembrance Sunday service. Decorate the Advent Ring. Procure a Christmas tree. Who knew?)

Anyway, all done now – and I found myself chairing the meeting as well as taking the minutes and giving my report. When it came to the election of officers, I suggested that I just put down names for proposers and seconders, as we were all in complete agreement anyway – and this went down very well and saved a good ten minutes. Job well done I think, don’t you?

Oh, and then I was asked to play for a funeral on Monday, Getting a verger and organist slipped through the organisational net a bit, but fortunately we’re both free. Only just, I’d quietly checked my emails during a dull bit of the meeting (not the bit I chaired which was as sparky as you might expect, hem hem) and someone wants to meet up with me before the afternoon meeting. There’s still time, but now it’ll be a specific time instead of “I’ve got all morning, darling.”

Tomorrow, up at larkfart because I’ve got a hair appointment, early.

I think I deserve a glass of wine and a cup of tea, don’t you?

That’s twice. Never suggest that I don’t consult. Well, unless you think I’m talking nonsense, of course.

Later – it was very funny. I fancied a spot of music, so went to iTunes, where I was halfway through listening to Tom Waits’ Alice. I clicked play and got, instead of We’re All Mad Here, exuberant banjo music – I have no idea how, but instead of iTunes, Spotify played Mule Skinner Blues by the Blackwater Boys (Best of Bluegrass). It was so incongruous I nearly fell over laughing. Well, I leaned on the arm of the chair and chuckled.

Actually, I’m not typing very well. I’ve been celebrating. I’m a bit wary of trying italics in case I’m leaning over already.

Actually, I’ve just remembered. I wasn’t aiming at iTunes at all. I was intending to reply to that email about Monday’s meeting. D’oh, darlings. I’m such a fool.

6 comments on “Z is superseded

  1. Four Dinners

    Carol just quit the Deanory Synod (I have no idea) and The Church Parochial Council (I have no idea) and accepted Church Warden (I have no idea) as her mum is the other warden and the other bloke who did it left as he was caught shagging a member of the choir.

    It almost makes me want to go!!!

  2. Dave

    I have managed to avoid attending any committees for two years, but somehow have managed to get myself appointed secretary of an historical society (which I now discover involves far more than taking minutes). I have the feeling that I’m going to be involved in even more from September.

    Not sure I’m delighted about that.

  3. Z

    I have resolutely refused all attempts to get me to join Deanery Synod. The worst thing of all would be for me to go and find it interesting, because then I’d be signed up to do something. I give an impression of competence, which is quite unfortunate as my ability limit is way lower than people think it is.

    Well, I think you’ll enjoy it, Dave – let’s hope it’s a sociable sort of society, but not too chummy. One has to find the right balance between getting out more and retaining the slight disengagement of someone who likes his own space. Being secretary always involves more than taking the minutes, I find.

    The only downside is that when you retire from one thing people assume you’ve got a load of spare time to fill. But when I saw the agenda last night that started with the introduction of the churchwardens and I wasn’t going to have to do it, I couldn’t take the smile off my face.

    Not until I was embarrassed to be thanked for my years of service and all that fol-de-rol and hauled up to be given a present. I should have expected it, but I didn’t and was taken aback.


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