Z is still floored

Tim is away again for a couple of days and so I decided on an early night.  I’d been watching a film on Netflix and I planned to finish it on my iPad, in bed.  I rarely do this, but I was quite tired and didn’t want to risk falling asleep in front of the television, which I really try to avoid.  So, I was bathed and in bed by soon after 10 – but a while later, the phone rang.  Too late for even the most persistent cold caller, and there’s a friend whose calls are nearly always fairly late in the evening, so I answered it and, indeed, it was Daphne.  We had a lovely chat and she’s coming to stay next week.

However, of course it scuppered my winding-down process and I wasn’t able to sleep for a long time and I’ve felt a bit peculiar all day.  Not unwell, just funny.  The chap came to measure the room for the new carpet – still haven’t decided, but at least we know a bit more about the situation.  Because of the size of the room, we are fairly limited in our options.  A John Lewis one we quite liked won’t do, for instance, because it only comes in 4 or 5 metre widths.  Nor will made to measure, as we don’t want completely plain.  We’re left with a range of Ulster carpets, which are almost plain but have a slight two-toneness about them, or the plaid one we liked in the first place.  Although it’s 12 feet wide, it would actually be possible to cut a second width in two and butt them together – I asked the fitter, who is very capable and I’ve heard excellent reports of him, and he says it is possible.  He also said he recently fitted the same carpet in a farmhouse and it’s very attractive.  So we may be back to that after all.  Whatever we decide, the next thing will be to repaint the room.

But that won’t be next week, because that’s my Lowestoft auction week and we’ll be busy.

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