Z is still a Child of the Sixties

I babysat last night. Slightly disappointingly, both children were being put to bed (Al’s job) and were asleep within moments of their parents leaving the house, so I didn’t have a chance to play with Squiffany.

I watched television most of the evening. I hardly ever do that. Though I fell asleep part-way through Nigella. I hardly ever fall asleep in the evening either, whether I watch television or not, which leads me to suspect that her new series is not a patch on any previous one.

But before that, I’d watched Mastermind. And one of the subjects was Round the Horne. I chortled helplessly just at the questions. It took me right back to Sunday mornings when I was a lass when we listened to it. Mind you, if my mother had heard of Polari or understood any of it, it would have been banned from the house. Listening again, years later, it was considerable ruder than any of us had realised.

11 comments on “Z is still a Child of the Sixties

  1. Newbie

    One of the lads sent round an email with a lovely picture of Nigella the other day, which looked like a cover of one of her cook books. Except if you look closer, the text says “PICTURES of my amazing tits”.

    Maybe they are not as amazing as they were previously to send you to sleep?

  2. Dave

    Or maybe it’s because you’re not a man?

    (I got in from my meeting in time for the start, but switched it off halfway through, so perhaps she has become more dull).

  3. Anxious

    I find her weird in this new series. She’s trying too hard to be expressive and she’s moving around too much. I want to slap her and tell her to keep still for five minutes.

    But I still sort of love her. For having hips and a bum.

    Have you noticed that most of her recipes in this new series don’t include carbs?

  4. Z

    I can watch amazing tits with appreciation too, though maybe not with such enjoyment as a man. I rather love her too, as she’s so gutsy. She didn’t moan – and nor did he – when her husband was ill and died and she kept a smile on her face. I first heard of a blog from John Diamond.

    But I think she’s parodying herself this time and doesn’t seem natural. Anyway, it kept me up late as there was no point in going to bed when I’d had a nap in the evening.

  5. Steg

    I’m no big fan of the whole “celebrity chef” thing. And yes, I know she’s not a chef. But it’s a good thing that Nigella’s on telly again if only for the fact that’s she’s a woman-shaped woman rather than a blonde stick insect.

  6. martina

    We have had The Two Ronnies, Benny Hill, The Goodies and Monty Python on public t.v. here in the past but not Round the Horne. Marty Feldman was one of my favorite actors/comedians in Young Frankenstein. Guess I’ll have to check out BBC catalog and price the CDs. Meanwhile, it is goodnight from me and goodnight from her.

  7. Z

    Indeed, Steg. If she’d only relax, I’d be happy to watch her.

    Round the Horne was a radio programme only – they repeat it at regular intervals on BBC Radio 7, which is a digital channel. It was originally written by Barry Took and Marty Feldman.

  8. mike

    Oh, those Round The Horne re-runs on BBC7 are an utter joy! Yes, it was quite extraordinarly filthy for its day. (Julian and Sandy, talking about a pianist friend: “He’s a miracle of dexterity on the cottage upright…”)

  9. Z

    I suspect that Kenneth Horne played it so straight that, although the powers that be (and the rest of us) knew that it was risqué they took the campness at face value and didn’t look further. And no one gave them away.

  10. Z

    She does look fabulous – wonderful skin and hair and you’d never believe she’s on the downward slope to 50. But she does gurn somewhat nowadays.


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