Z is startled

Indeed I am. When I checked, I discovered that my Photobucket account has had 6000 viewings in the past month. And not one of them by me! I don’t often use it, I leave uploaded pictures to languish unlabelled and unprinted on my desktop, in the main.

I didn’t know that one’s album is open to all, unless one opts out, because I wasn’t told. Why would I? More puzzlingly, why on earth would 6000 people (or maybe 1 person 6000 times, or any permutation in between) would look?

Anyway, I’ve opted out and logged out now, which is why I felt able to post that truly incompetent filmette. I am not, as you see, ashamed of my foolishness. There are things I can do, things I can’t and things I have a go at. Mostly the last.

I used to be shy and cautious, until I embraced that last. It’s quite some years ago, now, but it made a difference to me. I’d not go back.

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