Z is stale, flat and distinctly unprofitable

Today, I stayed in bed.  I was awake long enough in the night to give up on sleep altogether and go to the spare room to read for a couple of hours before I finally drifted off with the light still on, but then when I woke again I refused to stir.  At 9, I woke for the last time to find a lukewarm cup of tea by the bed and the light off, but I didn’t get up for another couple of hours.  I listened to the hail and the wind and snuggled down reading.

Of course, the upshot is that I’ve felt strangely lacking in energy all day, but I think it was the right thing to do.

I had to get up because the Sage was doing a china valuation – the china was being brought to the house – so I typed it all up and emailed the inventory and valuation to the owner.  I cooked bacon and eggs for lunch, we called on friends in the afternoon for a little while and then went to the supermarket to use two £8 off vouchers that would run out tomorrow.

Otherwise, nothing at all.  I’ll be terribly sorry tomorrow when I realise I’ve got two days’ work to do in one, but it can’t be helped.  And the clocks change, which is always a cue for me to get completely out of kilter with the time for the whole winter.

Oh, I’ve just had an email with the music for tomorrow’s service.  Yes, it is a bit late.  And the odds are that I won’t be able to find music I’ve already transcribed for the clarinet (it’s pitched in B flat so one has to rewrite it up a whole tone) so will have to do it again.  Practice?  No, I can’t be bothered.  I last played the clarinet three weeks ago, I can’t have forgotten it all yet, surely.

PS – half an hour later – amazing what a good grumble can do.  I’m getting on with some work now and feeling almost cheerful.

4 comments on “Z is stale, flat and distinctly unprofitable

  1. Rog

    I think you’re bound to B flat in this weather but it’s only A minor problem and you’re bound to C sharp again soon. Hope you can stave it off with a demi quaver of gin.


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