Z is Soxiable

Well, today’s drawing was of the cockerel you see above this post.  And it’s shown me that I can draw chairs better than I can draw cockerels.   I considered keeping on drawing the chair day after day to try to improve, but blimey darlings, I’m not that dedicated.

But I’m running ahead of myself again.  Eddie Two-Sox and I met in Norwich and spent several hours together, mostly eating and drinking (not whole lots, darlings, just took quite some time over it because it was raining so we were better where we were) though we also had a look round the cathedral.  We’ve only met a few times but, as so often with bloggers, we fell straight back into our friendship and chatted as though we saw each other all the time.  And then he caught his bus with a minute to spare, which was unintentionally clever timing.

And the Sage had the kettle on when I got home and made me some tea, and he’d lit a fire and now he’s brought me a glass of wine, so he’s missed me in a most satisfactory way, not that I was gone all that long – and he did go out for lunch himself too, so we’ve both done well.

Elle has gone to a Hallowe… oh, it’s a Hallow party, isn’t it?  She wanted to know if I’d got anything suitable to dress up in, so I gave her the freedom of my wardrobe.  She phoned me earlier on to ask if she could borrow a white garment – she described it as ‘sort of a chemise.’  I’ve no idea.  I said she was welcome to help herself.

Hope you got home safe and dry, Eddie dear.  

12 comments on “Z is Soxiable

  1. Scarlet Blue

    If you are copying photographs, try turning the photograph upside down and then copy it. When you have finished turn your drawing the right way up… and et voila, you should have a good drawing.

  2. Z

    I’ll have to use the iPad then, Scarlet! I’ve been told that’s the best way of forging a signature, but not heard of copying a picture that way.

    A cottage tomorrow. I’m getting over-ambitious!

    Ooh, yes please, BW, I’m up for that – being entirely without pride in such matters, I’m happy to be the total rabbit of the occasion

  3. Z

    Cocks have facial expressions? But you’re right, I take the photos of china for our catalogues reasonably competently but can’t take good photos of people at all, let alone draw them.

  4. Blue Witch

    This would be art with a twist. Fun art. Art that anyone can do even if they think they can’t.

    How about sitting in on art at school? I think that trying to teach yourself art is near-impossible. It’s mostly about looking and seeing, not drawing. Very easy to teach, very hard to see unless you’ve been led.

  5. Z

    I’m not thinking of taking up anything artistic, BW, only a mildly entertaining exercise to – you’re right – encourage me to look at things properly. And you know me, I’ll give anything my best shot, though quite possibly as a one-off!

  6. Z

    Too lazy to move, I drew my left thumb. Well, you could tell it was a thumb…but that’s about all you could say in its favour!

    I might go down and suggest the landlord at the local draws a pint, that would be a lot more useful!

  7. mig

    There are lots of very good books on drawing which can give you ideas on how to look!
    And the other good thing about drawing the inanimate is that it doesn’t sneeze, roll over, wander off or chatter at you!


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