Z is satisfied

We planted some plants I’d bought several weeks ago, and then changed the duvet for the winter one, so were well satisfied with a morning’s achievement.  Not all the planting has been done, I’ve got some bulbs (that should have gone in last month) but we’ve decided we’d like them in grass, so I’ll ask Wince if he can lift some turf on Thursday, so that I can plant the bulbs and then re-lay it.  It’ll be better than digging lots of small holes, I think.  There are some crocuses that Rose had left over, which are starting to sprout already, so they really must go in, as well as daffodils and tulips.

Highly satisfied as we were – doesn’t take much – we went out to lunch.  The place we first thought of was full, which was remarkable at 12.45 on a Tuesday in November, but we had a very good meal at the Castle, which was where we had our pre-wedding dinner.  Yagnub has so many good places for lunch – which I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times before…

And LT has split logs and I’ve fed the animals and dinner (the rest of the curry goat) is already cooked, so I’m catching up with letter-writing and I’ve got a book to finish for book club on Thursday.  I can’t go, as it happens, but I’ll write an email to say what I think of it (it’s When God was a Rabbit). Thirty pages down, three hundred to go…

2 comments on “Z is satisfied

  1. Paul Cully

    I believe you’ve been playing silly buggers with your readership. I passed over references to your visits to Yagnub many times with no more than a ” funny place names they have over there “. Then it occurred to me to google it with a view to learning a little bit more about this unusual name. And what do you think I found, that’s right , absolutely nothing !! So putting on my thinking deerstalker, what do you think I came up when I reversed the letters ??? Bungay in Suffolk. Have I found you out perchance ??

    1. Z Post author

      I reversed it years ago, simply because I then wouldn’t show on Google if someone were wanting to look up something about the town. But, since this isn’t an anonymous blog, it’s easy to work out where I live. Similarly, I don’t alter my children’s names, just abbreviate them, but my children-in-law have nicknames and so do my grandchildren. I actually live in the village of Mahsrae 🙂


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