Z is sad

Oh, I thought I’d written a post – I just came on to alter the date to just before midnight; but I haven’t. It was typing out those recipes for Yoga Gal.

Right. Um, I didn’t do a lot today – just a meeting this morning, for which I have to write up notes …that reminds me, I’ve got some from last week too because the secretary forgot the meeting and so I did minutes. I looked after Pugsley this afternoon, cycled in for fruit and veg – I’d asked the Sage to take my car this morning and fill it with petrol as Weeza and Phil are coming for the weekend and need to use it – and then biked in again for a new intake evening at school. One father seems to be interested in becoming a governor and I gave him my email. One of the other governors came in at about 20 to 9 and said it was just started to rain, so I hastened home (yes, provident woman that I am, there was a raincoat in the pannier and -AND- I’d remembered to put new batteries in the front light.

Actually, I’m a bit gloomy at present, because I heard today of a third friend who has died. None of these were young; one was just 86, one was 70 (that’s pretty young really) and this one was 85. She and her husband (an old teacher of the Sage’s) live some 120 miles away and the Sage is pondering whether he’ll manage to go to the funeral. I can’t, I’ve got an engagement that day.

In addition to that, two friends have just found they have cancer – both of them are around 80 – worrying news.

But, to finish on a happier note, a hen pheasant has been proudly bringing her babies to show us. She has nine of them and they’ve had several fine days to give them a good start in life. The rain this evening was only a shower – but it gave me a good excuse to get home in time to watch the final of The Apprentice. As ever, Siralun chose unwisely and will deserve all he gets.

(A few minutes later) – back again to backdate this to yesterday – it’s 1 am, but you wouldn’t want two posts on a Thursday, would you?

12 comments on “Z is sad

  1. Dandelion

    Yes please. But it is annoying the way blogger changes the date at midnight. It shouldn’t really change the date until after one has gone to bed.

  2. Z

    In the same way, it isn’t afternoon until one has had lunch.

    They are just simple recipes – okay, I’ll put them up if you like, but they are not ancient family recipes or anything. Dave, maybe you’d like to add your recipe, then we can make several batches and compare them?

    YG, I’m always up past midnight but I usually sleep well – I’m an owl, that’s all.

    My mother tried acupuncture for migraine and found it worked but not longterm; that is, she didn’t get a migraine that day and if she had one it went, but it didn’t cure her. Relaxing wasn’t her strong point, unfortunately.

  3. How do we know

    This is sad news Day Z, though I’m sure you’ll find something nice to think of soon enough.. my prayers are around… for you, but more for your friends who have just been diagnosed with cancer.

  4. badgerdaddy

    I’m not one for reality TV, but I must admit to both watching and enjoying this series of The Apprentice. Yes, I feel he chose very, very badly – he should have picked the gobby woman. She was smart, thought on her feet brilliantly and evolved during the series. The other guy? I couldn’t get past the fact that he was dumb enough to lie on his CV about his education, then describe it as an ’embellishment’. Would I want to employ a liar? Nope. He would have been out on his ear right then; also, despite seeming like a nice bloke, he really wasn’t that bright, was he?

    Highly amusing TV, though I must admit I think there were only a couple of tasks I might have struggled with – the rest was common sense stuff, and with just a smattering of real-world skills, they should have all coasted. Where do they find these buffoons?

    And I’m sorry to hear about your friends’ woes. I really do know what that’s like. ’nuff said. x

  5. Z

    Thank you, HDWK and Badge.

    Yes, Ro and I completely agree with you and for the same reasons, but he was never going to choose the gobby girl because he doesn’t like them. After all, the Badger (not you, Ruth) won hands down a couple of years back, including the last task and he still didn’t pick her.

  6. Blue Witch

    Men like Alan Sugar can’t bear strong competent women. I too think Claire (?sp) was the best candidate. Great presenter, and is the only one who really listened to, and acted on, feedback. Still, Alan’s loss will be someone else’s gain, and, in time, she’ll do better for not having won I feel.

    Sorry to hear about your friends Z. I too am currently surrounded by dead ad dying people. I’m amazed how bad the NHS are at pointing people with cancer to the excellent charitable voluntary organisations and people with funding for ‘treats’ for them, that are around.

  7. Blue Witch

    Oh, and I do hope the winner is taught the difference between did and done and come and came very soon.

    I wouldn’t do business with anyone who failed to use English correctly: in spoken or written form. There is absolutely no excuse for it in this day and age.

  8. Z

    I’m not sure why anyone good would really want to work for him at (never mind a fat salary) a junior level. I’m sure they pick some candidates because they’re amusingly awful, not because they’re real contenders. And he’s never going to pick an outspoken woman or a posh sounding person whether they’re good or not. Still, entertaining television and about the only programme I’ll watch this week I think.


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