Z is reluctant

The Sage gave me a lift in yesterday because rain was forecast and after 11 hours on my feet, I didn’t want the prospect of staggering home on the bike in the rain. In fact, it had cleared up by 7 pm, but I was still glad to come back in the car.

Today, rain is forecast again. But I’ve left it as late as I can and the Sage is still asleep. Sadly, I’m too polite to wake him.


On my bike, then. See you later.

10 comments on “Z is reluctant

  1. heybartender

    If it rains, you can always have him pick you up. Then you can leave your bike at the shop and you’ll simply need a ride tomorrow morning as well. Sounds like a perfectly good excuse to me.

  2. Z

    Julie, I have my pride. I can’t do that, sensible though it would be.

    Red Eyes of Fire – a warm welcome, indeed. I’m not sure I’ve ever found a more impressive name than that and I’m happy to see that you are enjoying War and Peace, which is a book to read and reread, but preferably in an edition that gives correct (male and female) surnames. The latest Penguin edition thinks we aren’t bright enough to understand that Petrov turns into Petrova if one is a woman and that pisses me off mightily.

    Dave, yes, unless I go to the Greenpeace Festival tomorrow. There’s a free bus service, you know!

    Rain. Yes. Every day.


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