Z is ready to wind down

I’ve told everyone what they’ve bought and I’ve just got one piece to be paid for and picked up and one cheque to receive – she’s totally trustworthy, so I’ve already posted her china and she phoned me today, thrilled with it.

In fact, it’s people like her who keep me going. She’s in her 90s and her husband died last year. I used to chat on the phone to both of them, lovely people. I’ve never met her but we’re friends. She sends me flowers every year, in spite of my protests.

I’ve had appreciative calls and emails from sellers too, it’s heartwarming. It’s not been an easy week in some ways, quite stressful, but at least I’ve got a few days away to look forward to – though I’m going to have to leave here really early on Friday morning and I’ve got a lot to do first.

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