Z is ready for February

We’re very lucky in Yagnub to have several good places to have lunch.  We don’t eat out in the evening often because we both like cooking and, by the evening, we’re ready to sit down and relax with a glass or two of wine and something good to eat and we like it right here.  We’ve been out to social events of course, but I can’t remember eating at a restaurant in the evening except for the party the night before our wedding.  We do eat out at lunchtime though and there are a number of good cafés and pubs in the town centre, as well as others within a few minutes’ driving distance.

I mentioned Wince the gardener having cleared the brambles from around a gate on the further side of the field and we went to order a new gate today.  It’s the third, the timber place is doing rather well out of this property.  And then we went out for lunch – somewhat unusually for us, we both chose burgers, but they were certainly superior ones.  The relish was home made, there was good Norfolk blue cheese and an onion marmalade, even the chips were home made.  We both overate, rather, with the result we will have a somewhat more modest dinner than had been planned.  I’ve got some pheasant stock in the fridge and that may be made into soup, if I can be bothered.  It’s quite tempting to get something out of the freezer, actually.  Not sure yet, it’ll be a while before we need to decide.

There were two other achievements today – I count anything I can, we’re relentlessly positive – not having received my tax demand in today’s post, it was a good thing that I had the bank account details of HMRC from last year, and was able to pay on schedule.  I don’t like leaving it to the last day, having once had an important booking to be made on a specific day when, it happened, our internet service failed. And the single remaining bank here isn’t open on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  But there were no hold-ups and I’ve paid my dues.  The final achievement was much more fun, as we put in our seed order for the year.  Just vegetables, I do have some flower seeds that didn’t quite make it to the ground last year but veggies are my gardening pleasure.  Happy hours in the greenhouse are to be hoped for in the next few weeks. Although I’ve heard that the weather is due to turn cold again in another week or so.  Never mind.  If we have snow, Tim and Eloise can watch me build a snowcat.


2 comments on “Z is ready for February

  1. Roses

    Ah. Right.

    I was about to ask you about that…I’ll clean out the greenhouses over the weekend.


    PS. I’m beginning to think we should start going out for girlie lunches more often, so we can catch up on stuff. I’ve got my head down in my art stuff and you’re busy doing you stuff…

    1. Z Post author

      We go days without speaking! And then talk non-stop when we meet again. I don’t think I’ll start in the greenhouse until the beginning of next month, unless I have an odd day to sow lettuces and so on – there’s actually quite a lot on this month. I’ll fill you in soon 🙂


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