Z is ready for bed

I noted the other day that Thursday morning would be free. It isn’t now. This week will be the busiest in more than two years, I think. In fact, I’m double-booked on Wednesday, so Wink is kindly stepping in to help.

I don’t yet know whether this is stimulating or simply exhausting, so will have to judge in retrospect. I do know that I was so tired last night that I was in bed by 10 o’clock, whereupon sleepiness left me and I was still awake at 1 am.

Lovely Mike and Zoe were great company as always. They live an hour and three quarters away, which is a disadvantage, especially as the journey time can be doubled by bad traffic, as it was on Friday. I really do not miss travel. I like to be in other places, but the getting there has been dire for decades. I’m due to be in London one evening, the week after next, but simply can’t face the London to Liverpool Street line. We will go to Reading and I’ll travel from there. I probably should not have accepted the invitation (private view of an art exhibition) but I like the artist and admire his work and it seemed a good idea at the time. Anyway. Hope I’ll get there. And hope that we’ll then get over to Pembrokeshire.

Mike’s border collie, Scout, is a lovely dog. Very beautiful as that breed always is, he’s also intelligent, supremely well-behaved and loves to play. Sadly, Eloise cat is not impressed. She hates and is afraid of dogs. Linda would be puzzled, because she was her hostess (I am not sure anyone ‘owns’ a cat) until she was ten months old and Linda had two dogs as well as four other cats. Eloise relishes being an only cat now and guards her home against other felines and hides from visiting dogs. After Mike, Zoe and Scout had left, I went to search for Eloise. She wasn’t outside or with Wink, nor in the study, nor in any of the bedrooms. I called. Eloise miaowed. I looked round and finally spotted her, sitting on the leopard’s cage. Safety with a big cat. She has been very loving ever since and quite hungry, as her meals were hurried and nervous.

The escaped cockerel is still out. He wants to rejoin the flock but is too nervous to enter through a wide-open door. i’ve named him Pillock. I put food out for him and otherwise ignore him. Poor Mehitabel, mother cat, is afraid of him, though he is unaggressive and she was also nervous of Scout, so I didn’t see her for a couple of days. I was glad when she returned tonight and made a big fuss of her. I love that little cat and hope she doesn’t vanish for years again – though she is a feral cat and will do whatever she chooses.

A glut of vegetables, though I’m hardly growing any. I made ratatouille tonight.

4 comments on “Z is ready for bed

  1. allotmentqueen

    “finally spotted her, sitting on the leopard’s cage”
    That just about says it all really.
    Doesn’t everyone have a leopard’s cage? And finally “spotted” her… Was that high-grade camouflage?

    1. Z Post author

      “Spotted her” was irresistible. Though it should have been leopard’s case rather than cage, that was also irresistible.

  2. Blue Witch

    Pillock is a great name for that cockerel.
    And I agree with AQ, although whether that was high grade camouflage or low grade punnery, I’m unsure 😉

    Enjoy Pembrokeshire, if you get there. If up here is anything to go by, I fear it may be very very crowded.

    1. Z Post author

      Hah, see above for reply to AQ.

      The village where we stay has a big beach and it’s never crowded, however many people are there. There are a few guest houses and two caravan park – one commercial one, hidden away where it can’t be seen and ours, on a hill with a sea view, all the caravans privately owned with space between them and trees to shield the unsightliness of caravans. There’s a nice pub, owned by the owner of the caravan park and an ice cream van but nothing else to attract hordes. If it’s really busy, we won’t go far. Just want to be there to recharge.


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