Z is not transported delightfully

I can’t find anywhere to write a new post from my blog on the phone now. Clear and attractive to read, but not so simple to add to. So I’m phoning it in.

The morning didn’t start altogether brilliantly, because whole strings of farm vehicles on the road slowed us down, and then the traffic on the approach to Diss station was awful. I got out and started walking, then suddenly it cleared, the Sage drove alongside with the door open and I was on the station platform with three minutes to spare. Then, nearing London, we stopped for a bit and ended up ten minutes late.

Once seated, I had toddled along to the buffet to get some breakfast. The man in front put his card in the machine, which froze. The assistant couldn’t sort it out, got the guard and the whole thing took nearly ten minutes to put right. If it hadn’t worked at the moment it did, I was on the point of paying the bill. However, not only did I save £7-something, I also had the chance to say consoling things to the poor assistant and chat in a friendly way to the helpful guard, which was more cheering than feeling impatient.

I checked which bus I needed, found the road where the stop was and was fortunate enough to hop straight on to a Number 8. A few minutes later, I got off again, crossed Brick Lane and got on the next Number 8, going the way I wanted. Not the first time I’ve done that. Not very bright, Z.

And contact has been made with blogger friends and I’m off later to catch a tube to where one works, and we’ll go out for a meal. I’m quite hungry already, in fact, a croissant (quite plain, darlings, not even a spot of jam) for breakfast and a chicken salad and ginger beer for lunch are distant memories already. And tomorrow, another kind blogger is coming all the way in from Twickenham to meet me. I’m a lucky blogger.


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8 comments on “Z is not transported delightfully

  1. von LX

    “phoning it in”


    “got on the next Number 8, going the way I wanted”

    I am usually pretty good with direction, but that failed me a couple of times in Berlin when I popped out of the U-Bahn in a strange part of town at night or when raining, I would head off in the wrong direction. I bought a small compass to carry in my pocket.

  2. PixieMum

    Those 14 miles were really worth while. It was lovely to meet Z in real life, we chatted and laughed for over 5 hours in the café in the crypt of St Martin in the Fields. Later we were joined by St Ian so there was talk of bricks and school governorship over the so called ‘hot’ lunch.

    My thanks to Z for coming to London and enabling Ian and I to have such a pleasurable day.

  3. Z

    I’ve got a compass app, von LX. And thank you for being kind to an idiot. You’ve been travelling home, I think – I look forward to hearing that you’re back safe.

    You made me look, Rog. You bugger. I mean, you blogger.

    I’ve come clean, Macy. Had to get permission.

    Cheers, John, dear heart. Rest assured that you are on my list of Bloggers I’d Like To Meet. Or should I say, Be Warned…


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