Z is not inspired

It was something of a wasted visit to the school as the music teacher wasn’t there and the supervisor sent couldn’t cope with a few of the pupils. I got them doing something constructive while she was out of the room, but I know my limitations and that I get more with patience and good humoured acceptance of what I can’t control than by getting annoyed. When it was decided that all the class would watch a film instead of doing any work, I politely said that I wasn’t going to be much more use and left. My ears are still mildly deafened from the drumming – one lad, who’s actually a very good drummer, uses knocking nine bells out of them as a ploy “but I’m making music, miss” to avoid listening to a teacher – I know that I just have to wait until he stops as, if I shouted or tried to take the drumsticks away, I’d only look pathetic; but the supervisor didn’t.

I arrived home to find an email reminding me of a meeting at 2 o’clock that I didn’t know was happening. Oh joy. I’d better go. You miss something, you never catch up.

I’d better get on. I may add to this later, if anything interesting happens.

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  1. Z

    Your breath may be bated, Dave, but I’m not sure if anyone else’s is.

    I was grumpy and moody, wasn’t I? I was sweet and good humoured at school though. Oh, and it seems I’ve pulled wool over eyes again. Heh heh.


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