Z is nearly asleep

A few more things ticked off the list and I’m winding down nicely. Today’s meeting and lunch were fine – I decided at the last minute; that is, about 5 o’clock yesterday evening, that hot food would be much simpler than cold and so it was. The Sage was on fine form at lunchtime, which was lovely as he wasn’t well for a week – one of those bugs which goes around making a nuisance of itself; Pugsley and Dilly have had a milder version of it over the last couple of days, although they’re better now too.

After everyone had left, at about 3.30, I said that I was going to see how Dilly was and opened the door. A strong whiff met me – Tilly, emboldened by the fuss everyone had made of her, had been and rolled in a cow pat. She was miffed when I wouldn’t let her in. I did after a while, to feed her, but then shut her in the porch while I went to play with the children. Later, I had to go to another meeting (and found myself taking the minutes, boo) so cycled cheerily past the Sage and Ro, who were just directing Tilly towards a bucket of water and some shampoo, and I apologised insincerely but truthfully for not having time to help. Now, she is lying beside me on the sofa with a sweet-smelling and glossy coat. She’s probably mortified.

Ro’s car needed some work done on it before it passed its MOT – since it stood him in at some £450 two years ago and he spent about £100 on it last year and £150 this, he feels he has been doing rather well at cheap motoring. He wishes he could bear to go to work by bus, but it just takes so long – the last few days has reminded him how dull it is to spend an extra hour and a half on his daily journey and how short the evening is after he gets home. He came home early this afternoon so that he and the Sage could fetch the car. I spent £40 in the local Co-op yesterday (wine, mostly) to get him a 4p-per-litre-off voucher – I suppose they put it on to take it off, but with diesel at £1.30; that is, £5.50 per gallon, he doesn’t want to drive any distance for cheaper fuel.

D’you know, I think I’ll have an early night. Goodnight, darlings.

8 comments on “Z is nearly asleep

  1. martina

    Good afternoon Z! Have a glass of wine and put your feet up.
    Gas is $4.25 a gallon for regular here today. Diesel fuel is apparently abouf $5.25 a gallon.

  2. Dave

    It’s probably not worth driving over to the US to top up, even if it is half the price. Mind you, if I happened to be passing I’d probably put a spare jerrycan in the boot.

  3. luckyzmom

    The price of gas ($4.19 for regular at about 4 this am) is adversely affecting the many casinos here. They depend on the Californians driving here on weekends and the high price of gas is keeping many of them away. So, it really trickles down to affect a lot of businesses here.

  4. Z

    The distances involved make for expensive journeys – we still think your prices sound enviable, but it’s all a matter of the rate of increase on what you’re used to. The knock-on effect on food prices etc is high too. And good morning, Martina and LZM!


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