Z is musselbound

I suppose it was inevitable, having mentioned it – I’ve eaten more bread today than I have for weeks, though it was only a couple of slices.  I just couldn’t face plain yoghurt for breakfast this morning, so ate a slice of dry toast instead.  And, since the Sage was out and I visited the market today where there is a splendid fish stall (a different fishmonger calls on Mondays), I was tempted by mussels.  I also bought trout and squid, come to that, something is going to have to go in the freezer as I went to the butcher too.  I got a bit carried away.

Anyway, mussels.  The Sage is a moulefree zone, so I generally eat them when he’s out.  In fact, I deliberately plan nice meals when he’s away because I don’t react to being lonely by being sorry for myself, which is just silly.  I buy something I like and he doesn’t, so it works out for the best.  Sometimes, I cook a new recipe, especially if it’s spicy, so that I can gauge whether it needs toning down for him.

It was quite a trayful in the end, a dish of moules marinières, a separate dish of the liquid because I’d strained it in case I hadn’t scrubbed every grain of sand off the mussels, and it was easier to sip separately, a plate, a dish for the shells, a glass of wine, a spoon and a plate for the bread.  Because a rice cake just doesn’t go with the dish.  I sat in the sitting room – oh yes, dear hearts, I’m not one to avoid the obvious, and I read the paper and I watched daytime tv.  Though I can’t remember what was on, come to think of it, so I must have mostly scooped mussels out of their shells and afterwards read the papers.

As Blue Witch says, a lot of people find they feel healthier without bread.  I’ve got several friends who had IBS, diverticulitis and suchlike, who cured themselves by cutting out wheat.  One had had to give up all raw fruit and vegetables, to her great disappointment, but now is fine – she’s still cautious about raw veg which is noticeably heavy on a delicate digestive system, but she’s good with salads again – and a couple of others who just feel generally better.  In my case, I’m already surprisingly healthy, which I put down to eating a little bit of absolutely everything and – let’s face it – being extremely lucky.  But, though I don’t feel any different, I have got that little fat round tummy this evening.

Tomorrow, I will have it again.  Because we’re going to a tea party to celebrate a friend’s 95th birthday.  I suspect we’ll have the full monty, sandwiches, scones, cakes and all.  It’ll be great and I will not consider the diet at all.

What to have for breakfast is the problem, though.  It’s not quite porridge weather yet.  I’ve bought some muesli, although I’m not that keen on the way any cereal goes soggy the moment milk touches it.  Maybe an egg, otherwise.  Or a banana.  *Sigh*.  I get bored with anything that I eat daily, I have to ring the changes.

19 comments on “Z is musselbound

  1. Z

    Delicious, Tim. I relish a nice kidney.

    Not pleasant being shellfish through Rog, especially when you wind up being dunked in a pan of shallots and white wine.

  2. Z

    A slosh of cream was the only indulgence, BW. Well, I cooked the shallot in a little butter, but a splash of wine and the mussels were the only other ingredients, so it wasn’t a fattening lunch. If you ‘go on a diet’ then you come off it again, which is the reason most people put weight back on, so one has to find a way to enjoy food forever. Eating less, but whatever I like is the key for me.

  3. Mike and Ann

    We both occasionally have to diet for a while. But we do have an unwritten rule that whenever we have a meal with friends common courtesy dictates that dieting is not mentioned and we eat whatever is set before us and ENJOY it.

  4. Z

    Absolutely, Mike. I demonstrated that amply when I was blog-visiting at the end of September and tucked into all that Ziggi, Mig and Barney, and Tim offered me!

  5. Roses

    Mmmm….I love mussels. Especially with onions, garlic, cream and wine.

    I’d definitely join you for a bowlful.

    I love bread. In fact, I’m the biggest fan of carbs ever. Years and years ago, it was suggested to me by a herbalist that it was the bane of my existence and I should give it all up.

    That actually made things far worse. Salads don’t do my guts any favours at all. Once I went back to my normal carb diet, all was well.

    As an aside, I recently started to enjoy squid. Considering I’ve always loathed it, I’m quite surprised.

  6. Z

    I love bread too, especially the crust. But I’m fine keeping it for a treat.

    I think that we need to work out what’s best for us as individuals. It’s just not the same for everyone. I’m lucky enough to have robust digestion, but being able to eat cheese and lose weight is what’s driving this low carb thing!

  7. mig

    But if you have cream with the porridge doesn’t that tip the scales? And aren’t oats supposed to be anti-whatever-it-is that’s bad about cream so you can have them together and feel good?
    I think I’ll have porridge tomorrow.


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