Z is making a list instead of just getting on with it. This is Not Good

Work is piling up horribly. This is not good. I should move the computer back into the room it’s supposed to be in where I can put myself in work mode and just get on with it. I can’t be bothered to move it. It was a real downward step when I brought in the printer.

Oh dear. Make a list of things to be done this week.

Take photographs for the catalogue Yay, done it!
Write catalogue Yay, done it!
Write minutes of churchwardens’ meeting
Write four letters to people who want to join the lunch club (I know, I am a Lady Who Lunches, bet you didn’t see that coming)Yay, done it!
Write two letters to people regarding points they made on the Nadfas questionnaire
Consider the agenda for the next Nadfas committee meeting – I’ve found that a fully annotated agenda saves a lot of discussion at the meeting.
A letter to Islington council to say the flat is empty and claim a period without council tax Yay, done it!
Find someone to fix an aerial at the flat and tell the downstairs tenant so that they can agree a time to meet
Phone the church architect and set up a meeting
Do the rest of the stuff on the list from the meeting the other night Yay, done it!
Write to my accountant
Email all the people who have been asking when our next sale is.
Phone the piano tuner about my pianola Yay, done it! – well, left an answerphone message
Do the rota for the next three months for sidesmen, coffee making, lesson reading etc for the church
Other stuff. It’ll come to me.

I’ll tick things off as I do them. Ho hum.

6 comments on “Z is making a list instead of just getting on with it. This is Not Good

  1. Z

    True, BW, and this is the least busy time of year for outside things. nothing to do with the school, for a start.

    Some of it is our own paying business though – as it relates to the auction catalogue and the flat. In fact, the letter to the council was the first thing I did from the list.

  2. Three Legged Cat

    I also like to write lists of things to do (I’m brilliant at the list part) and I like ticking things off when I’ve done them (at which I am far less than brilliant).

    I’m usually busy, but not always productive or effective.

  3. Caitlin

    I’m a list maker too. I have so many lists of the millions and millions of things I have to do just now that I need a list cataloguing the lists.

  4. Z

    I don’t usually make lists until I’m in danger of forgetting things. I keep a careful appointment diary and make notes in it and I’ll do a timeplan for a day where I need to get a lot done and one thing relies on another. Otherwise, I rely on remembering and an inbuilt sense of anxiety if there’s a deadline coming up, which prompts my memory.


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